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Example sentences for fiercely

Were the egg to bounce free, she would fiercely peck and break it.
As it is, they often dare not, because it is too fiercely resisted by the tenured faculty.
Existing incendiaries tend to burn fiercely but quickly.
Others form tight settlements and are fiercely loyal to a single fat queen.
The brave dog, barking fiercely, caught up to the quick-moving attacker and chased the fox away.
Owls are powerful birds and fiercely protective parents.
Fortunately, king cobras are shy and will avoid humans whenever possible, but they are fiercely aggressive when cornered.
The daddy water bug fiercely protects his eggs and periodically exposes them to air to prevent them from growing mold.
They're common, fiercely territorial, and they've been the subject of evolutionary and ecological research for decades.
Later that night, she was awakened by fiercely loud music from the stereo.
The tabby crouched on the cage's platform is fiercely attentive, as if he's not sure whether he's the hunter or the hunted.
He was indeed fiercely criticized, but not for lack of civility.
She's fiercely intelligent but has this peculiar innocence about her.
It's not a huge leap to say she's a sharp-daggered, fiercely independent heroine.
Who fired the missiles has been fiercely debated ever since.
The defeat was all the more humbling because the bill had already been fiercely pared back.
Across the country, builders are competing fiercely for anyone who can wield a hammer, trowel or welding torch.
The demand for highly skilled workers will grow too, and countries will start to compete more fiercely for mobile talent.
The colonel's snipers and artillery are fiercely defending the town, as casualties mount on both sides.
They also have to compete less fiercely for resources than trees in dense forests.
But for a government so fiercely insistent on the inviolability of its own sovereignty, this was a big step.
Even in these difficult economic times talent is in short supply and the world's leading companies are competing fiercely for it.
It remains fiercely independent, having stayed out of two world wars by being deadly serious about its armed neutrality.
She has brought her children, whose privacy she once guarded fiercely, into the public eye.
The press would fiercely oppose direct political oversight.
They fiercely reject claims that they are exploiting online workers.
The industry is fiercely tribal, and regulators are too close to the utilities.
Though each country witnesses its own peaks and troughs, has to grapple with them constantly and fiercely.
It is the same port that has been defended so fiercely and has inspired so many to stand up for their rights and liberties.
Although they were all fiercely individualistic talents, these artists were soon identified as being part of a movement.
Then too, mathematics is a thing of fiercely compelling beauty in its own right.
He fiercely defended his musicians, helping them achieve full-time professional status.
People with disabilities are typically fiercely independent and do not wish to alter their lives from those of the general public.
Jazz continues to have a relatively small but fiercely loyal group of fans.
Our quality of life is highly prized and fiercely protected by active citizens who take pride in their neighborhoods.

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