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Example sentences for field of view

We humans have stereo-vision, and a relatively narrow field of view.
Another is the trade off between a telescope's field of view and its magnification.
But they sharpen only a small portion of the telescope's field of view.
In those cases, the brightness needs to fill my entire field of view.
The authors then presented a second looming dot, this time outside the field of view of the neurons they were studying.
Tom's laterally positioned eyes give him a broader field of view.
Not far from that bright star, my telescope stops as a soft, fuzzy patch of light enters the field of view.
Students are used to being expected to rebel and to protest and to question everything that comes into their field of view.
First it scans a field of view for shapes that could be faces.
The rockets trailed wires behind them to direct the lightning through the camera's field of view.
The human would see a dim point of light in either the right or left field of view, depending on the photon's quantum state.
The lower the satellite, the smaller its field of view and the more gateways needed.
If you turn around and try to look directly at him, he'll swing around out of your field of view.
The latest version boasts higher resolution and an expanded field of view.
The locations are optimized for fairly uniform and high resolution over the field of view.
Higher power means smaller field of view, so finding objects is tough.
But when you see it from land, where buildings or trees are in your field of view, the moon looks larger than it does overhead.
The only way to get sensitivity with little dishes is to have a lot of them, all looking at the same large field of view.
The planet and the star are shown the same size, but in the same field of view.
The cloud will resolve into hundreds of stars, with perhaps smaller clumps and hazy patches in the field of view.
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