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Agencies typically look for people with expertise in the field of activity that a given round of proposals will support.
The study also found significant differences by field of study.
Applying a magnetic field to part of the brain disrupts the electrical activity of the nerve cells for a few seconds.
Whatever the field of study, collaboration between amateurs and professionals is not without its difficulties.
Rather than a definitive, static image, a light-field visual object is intrinsically interactive.
In part, that's a way to establish corporate ethnography in the academic world, which still harbors doubts about the field.
Scientists operate mostly in disciplinary silos, and it is rare for research in one field to influence work in other disciplines.
What is also omitted is that the persons appointed are recognized professionals in the field.
There is another field in which he holds still a unique position-the field of letter-writing.
The professionalization of the field is turning students off.
We want the field to survive and, if possible, prosper.
My professional experience in my field is quite different.
But standing in the middle of the largest gypsum field in the world, you may feel as if you are on another planet.
Since the current is changing, the magnetic field changes.
Specifically, the magnetic field is locked in metallic particles in similar orientations.
Then, last year, the field was rocked by the reports of two deaths in clinical trials of similar therapies.
Consider: this is a field in which results given to within a factor of two are still received without scorn.
Within minutes, the data will be processed and a summary diagnosis sent back into the field.
These individuals will field questions remotely, via their mobile devices, from the general public.
The wreck and its debris field contain a diverse collection of tools, cooking utensils, and personal effects of the crew.
Even worse is sleet or rain, which turns the field into a lake of mud.
Since then aspects of the field have moved from academia into commercial products.
In a transformer, this reversing field induces a current in another coil around the same core, but at a different voltage.
Consider, for example, bids to develop an oil field.
But the technology is coming, and it is likely to disrupt every field it touches.
If you are longing for a level playing field you should begin afresh.
When the component to be worked is placed next to such a machine, the coil induces in it a corresponding field.
The question now is what that means for the rest of the field.
Researchers trained in both neuroscience and economics are entering the field.
Two opposition parties have put aside their substantial differences to field a joint candidate in the presidential elections.
The blast broke his bedroom window and strewed blackened bits of the chopper over a nearby wheat field.
With the election date and primary field set, the opposition is optimistic.
The once-promising field of business-to-business exchanges is in turmoil.
The more water that is evaporating from a field, the more the laser twinkles.
Also, the biologists in the field are as concerned as anybody that the subject develops safely.
Memories of school field trips likely left indelible impressions on your brain and imagination.
Because our home is in a field, it comes out of some kind of tank.
By noon, the field is hot and dusty and seething with people and livestock.
It lacks the charm and character of a citrus grove, an apple orchard, or even a field of corn.
Focus on the human drama, not the action on the field.
Individuals now have the tools to break new ground in every field.
Once a field is in place, the peripheral candidates will get less attention and fade into the woodwork.
Few athletes will escape a football field without a few sprains and pains.
Thus, on the day an article comes out, it would seem to be difficult to tell whether it will have a real impact on a given field.
It could answer questions about quantum mechanics that are currently far too complicated for a regular computer to field.
Harvard band-small, three sousaphones-takes to field, performs anti-Yale jokes.
They can manage the club so well that its on-field success makes it a good business.
Our field offices throughout the country are at your service.
Too many kids are returning to the playing field too soon after a concussion.
Researchers see the start of a second set of tests, in blindness, as an important landmark for the stem-cell field.
Reducing the electric field would bring the polymer back to a low temperature so that it could be reused.
So in the first instance, the abundance of these exotic nuclei should follow the waxing and waning of this field.
In the researchers' prototype, electric current flows through a coil, inducing a magnetic field.
The technology requires arranging a field of mirrors around the tower.
In particular when a magnetic field is applied to a region of space that will cause an increase in the speed of light.
Instead, it requires a new generation of optics that work in what's known as the near field.
Voltage and power factor are controlled by varying the field.
He knew war only as a toilsome chore, not as a field of heroic deeds.
Eleanor, whether she realized it or not, commanded the field.
In the field of travel he evoked both the youthful wanderer who discovers another world and the avid scholar who melds with it.
He is a leader in his field and is certainly an ingenious and tireless researcher.
It collapses, leaving the field to other surviving species.
More recently she has begun to have success in the field she's been gunning for for a long time: television and movie production.
The final whistle blew, and fans spilled onto the field.
The problem, of course, is that the appeal of his candidacy was driven by dissatisfaction with the current field.
Case joined his fellow supporters in a fight song as the game's action moved toward our end of the field.
It's a few dozen houses in a field, attached to nothing but each other, ending with unoccupied slabs of concrete buried in weeds.
Landon slapped his knee and guffawed, and the field house erupted in laughter and applause.
Companies in the information-technology field were at the leading edge of a revolution.
It's the magnetic field coupled with the rotation of the star.
As it spins, the star sweeps up gas surrounding in its magnetic field.
Even a field as non-scientific as law can be acknowledged to have necessary utility in an advanced society.

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