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Example sentences for fiddling

Sometimes voters handed their votes to election clerks for deposit, inviting further fiddling with the results.
There's no more fiddling with the mouse on these computers.
Fiddling around with the phone and headset to get the pairing to work can cause accidents.
Increasing the planet's resilience will probably involve a few dramatic changes and a lot of fiddling.
Instead they look at fiddling with university admissions.
Used wisely, such fiddling enhances the cinematic experience.
Optimists, however, argue there may be benefits from today's fad for currency fiddling.
The suggestion of fiddling public finances flummoxed and infuriated him.
People texting while driving, or fiddling with an iPod, also worry safety officials.
And since communication is the basis of culture, fiddling at this level is indeed momentous.
And the complex folding design means you probably won't be able to stop playing and fiddling with the thing.
Everyone nodded urgently, fiddling with exposure meters.
Fiddling with the way vice presidential nominees are chosen is totally beside the point.
Forget fiddling with the registry or the valet parking.
He is wearing a beret and fiddling with a state-of-the-art video camera, recording everything.
Fiddling ensued-extensive fiddling-without satisfying him.
They often come when you're fiddling around with something that's already there.
But political fiddling and the idiosyncrasies of its producers, workers and consumers have closed off some areas to foreigners.
By fiddling with currencies, however, the adjustments needed are being deflected.
Northwest old-time grange dance fiddling is a decades old tradition stemming back to pioneers.
To promote the continuation of old time fiddling music.
As his carpentry career came to a close, he started fiddling with beer making.
The driver was fiddling with her cell phone at the time of the crash.
Those of you with memory restraints will have to do some fiddling.
Handsome vanishes into the shadows, fiddling nervously with the tails of his tuxedo.
When you are flying is not the time to be fiddling with the camera.

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