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Poe pioneered the psychological horror story, the detective story, and the emerging genre of science fiction.
Once the fantasy of science fiction, battlefield robots are now a reality.
Bringing extinct species back to life is no longer considered science fiction.
Writing poetry can help students see a non-fiction topic in a new way.
The narrative is no longer a historical work, but a work of fiction.
If you are interested in science fiction and historical fiction than this is the right book for you.
Quantum teleportation may have progressed from science fiction to reality.
In popular science fiction, the power of invisibility is readily apparent.
The sort of thing that used to happen only in fiction can hardly compare to what's in the news today.
The show borrows heavily from other science fiction sources.
These ideas, once the sole province of fiction writers, face real tests in a new generation of experiments.
He was that rarity, which you see a lot in fiction but rarely in real life-a sleeper agent.
Needless to say, many fabled stories of her life are partly fiction.
In the annals of science fiction, humans and non-avian dinosaurs have been brought together in a variety of ways.
Poetry is not mainstream, but then neither is serious fiction, really.
The first of a promised trilogy from a master of fiction.
The purpose of both his fiction and non-fiction then is to capture this disorder on the page and make it feel as real as possible.
The fiction works, even if it is intellectually suspect, and that is good enough for many people.
Of course, the world of superheroes need not be the same as other types of fiction.
It seems, in short, as if the large audience that still exists for quality fiction hardly notices poetry.
It includes teaching prose fiction and non-fiction as well as poetry.
If one works it out, one can see exactly how much money is created out of accounting fiction by the concept of banking.
What was once the stuff of science fiction, the recipe for creating deadly viruses, is now a frighteningly real possibility.
The project moves me toward my goal of publishing more complex fiction with a larger publishing house.
These articles make for good satire, but the fact that they're written under a pseudonym allows for fiction.
Food of the future used to be the stuff of science fiction.
Stories have the power to take us to other worlds, and no genre more so than science fiction and fantasy.
The alternative possibility--that living cells or their precursors arrived from space--strikes many people as science fiction.
But he has also penned works in literature, philosophy and fiction.
Legions of science-fiction authors have imagined a future that includes mind-reading technology.
Science fiction is the last great literature of ideas.

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