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They usually cover me with their own blood, and give up fewer seeds for the effort than it's worth.
There are about thirty in the upper eyelid, and somewhat fewer in the lower.
His characters, though fewer in number, appear more varied and less earthbound than theirs.
The amusing side is that the sooner there are no fewer the more certain is the necessity dwindled.
The less a tourist knows, the fewer mistakes he need make, for he will not expect himself to explain ignorance.
Fewer possess virtue, than those who wish us to believe that they possess it.
There are no fewer than seven flagpoles for the running up of ideas.
They had fewer nightmares and flashbacks in their daily lives long after the effects of the drug had worn off.
There are fewer than a dozen in existence, and all claim the honor.
In a society that's becoming more stratified, a sensible tax system should draw more distinctions, not fewer.
As the press has noted, the plan would consolidate our myriad and overlapping regulators into fewer, bigger ones.
The answer is that studios, as they release fewer films, are increasingly focused on trying to develop franchises.
They make fewer acquisitions, even though prices are cheaper.
And to be branded a heretic in a land where there were few places to hide and fewer ways to escape was a grim prospect indeed.
Then there were fewer buyers, especially representatives of slaughterhouses that exported cow hides and meat.
In addition to her tiny bikini, she wore bracelets and various rings, never fewer than eight of the latter covering her fingers.
But investors seem to understand that fewer people doesn't always mean more profits.
There are fewer lights to wait for on the way to work, though.
Some people believe an independent body with fewer potential conflicts of interest would provide a fairer jury, so to speak.
Fewer and fewer faculty are tenure track, more and more are adjuncts.
The obligations don't get fewer in his department as the years go by.
Almost half the time, they cite sources four pages or fewer in length.
While smaller colleges receive fewer government dollars, they still need to track relevant legislation.
In many cases, fewer than half of the programs in a field were included.
People look at fewer pages online than they do in print, which makes web editions less valuable to advertisers.
When fewer people want to work, fewer are counted as unemployed.
With fewer children and elderly to pay for, such countries could plough savings back into economic expansion.
Parents with fewer children can invest more in their health and education, creating a more productive workforce.
Companies are still unhelpfully shy of hiring, preferring to squeeze yet more output from fewer people.
They found clear evidence that big, spreading languages have fewer of these features.
Arts and social-science subjects have attracted fewer applicants than last year.
They could conduct business with fewer misunderstandings.
The central government has begun to rein in local-government borrowing and it is approving fewer infrastructure projects.
Fewer antennae mean fewer things for enemy radar to reflect from.
While newspapers are already carrying fewer ads, parcel-delivery companies fret they may soon be carrying fewer packages.
With ever fewer entry-level jobs in many industries, internships have become a critical first step into employment.
And there are fewer and fewer staff photographer jobs.
Many of us can automatically recall these photos in our heads, but far fewer can name the photographers who took them.
Smaller reserves and fewer missions have already caused divisions and public fights between different groups of scientists.
The cookie company could put fewer chocolate chips in the cookies, but that might not go over too well.
It also guarantees that, because fewer units get recycled, more end up in landfills.
The video above is older and contains fewer data points, but gives a more complete sense of the virus' global jumps.
Serious upgrade in wearability, even with fewer options.
Given fewer resources, you have to make better decisions.
And although the wild population is still considered healthy and abundant, fewer alligator licenses were issued to hunters.
The less electricity people use in their homes, the fewer chemicals power plants will emit.
But a new study says this doesn't mean there are more bears in the region-there are fewer bears, and they're hungrier.
Lots of city buses and trains will mean fewer people driving around in cars and taxis that cause pollution.
The observatory site is so remote that humans have visited it only twice-fewer times than they've walked on the moon.
They have fewer places to live and not enough wild animals to eat.
When there are fewer of them, the sun's heat concentrates deeper down.
Some scientists think fewer than a thousand individuals may remain.
Outside air often carries fewer germs than stagnant indoor air.
Cost, a lack of environmentally friendly options and information are barriers for significantly fewer people.
Younger planetary surfaces revealed impacts by relatively fewer, smaller projectiles.
Farmers who pastured llamas with sheep discovered that fewer sheep were lost to coyotes.
There may be fewer predators here in the north, but the stress of such a long migration probably outweighs that benefit.
Fewer forests means larger amounts of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere-and increased speed and severity of global warming.
Even the pharmaceutical industry's best products are imperfect, working in only half-or fewer-patients.
They have fewer behavioral problems, and show more interest in and try harder at school.
Low-input agriculture uses fewer chemicals but more land.
It may or may not have produced better mothers, but it did seem to produce fewer mothers.
Low investment means fewer jobs and weaker productivity growth.
In my own case there are days when the result is so bad that no fewer than five revisions are required.
The fewer the sponges, the higher the threshold for using one.
Many are calling for fewer offshore drilling platforms, while others point out that a moratorium could be even more damaging.
For many years, there were even fewer opportunities for actresses in another genre: the action movie.
There are fewer pedestrians and fewer trees, and there is less charm.
Younger patients have fewer additional medical problems that preclude aggressive, high-risk procedures.
Or it may have turned out that the resulting pages drew far fewer eyeballs than anyone expected.
They have fewer restrictions placed on their movements.
The same problem would occur for any other set of three or fewer intermediate nodes.
These changes would produce much fewer problems in communications and computing.
As smallpox was wiped out, fewer people received the vaccine.
Also, there tend to be fewer diseases and pests further from the equator so that may have inspired migration.
According to this understanding, those who smoke fewer than five cigarettes per day are not addicted.
In addition, both smokers and non-smokers stuck with the program for fewer days than they had before the ban.
First, prey tend to make fewer forays for snacks when predators are lurking around, so they may not be as nutritionally fit.
Although fewer studies of self-change in drug addiction exist, the results generally mirror those for problem drinking.
The fact that people with memory deficits don't report fewer dreams doesn't support your claim.
After three months, those on the low-glycemic diet had significantly fewer bright red bumps.
Blame it on stricter training requirements and fewer big fires and the lure of paying fire jobs in the cities.
How many fewer there will be once this season starts, two weeks from tonight, is uncertain.
The prisoners have fewer privileges and virtually no access to lawyers.
Fewer workers mean still less demand, creating a vicious circle, and prices fall further.
Fewer people doing twice the work probably meant twice the number of injuries per firefighter.
Fewer goods would be transported to fewer buyers-who would have less money anyway-so the economy would start to slow down.
Indeed, it's revealing that this expansion was happening as people were having fewer children.
More than a third of the city's factories employed fewer than twenty people each.
In an unproductive habitat, animals will find less food, and so there will be fewer of each species.
New study shows that mammals that sleep more have more immune cells and fewer parasites.
The fewer farmers required to create a truckload of crops, the better for management.
Usually the procedure is relatively bloodless because the lower uterus has fewer blood vessels than the upper portion.
Gradually trees became fewer, smaller, and less important.
Fewer survived, and those that did were smaller and took longer to mature.
The result: far fewer signs of deer and far fewer infected ticks.
Their feet and skulls have simplified and now contain fewer bones.
If fewer electrons make it to the end of the chain, the mitochondria produce less energy.
Having fewer moving parts reduces the chance of costly mechanical failure.
Manufacturers would use fewer pollutants, gadgets would contain more recyclable materials, and computers would cost less.
Less people have jobs to make the fewer goods bought sold distributed and produced both here and abroad.
Fewer goods still are sold to the fewer folks who now have jobs.
The more wired the hospital, the better off its patients: there are fewer deaths and complications, and lower bills.
The purported benefits: fewer hospital visits, better care, and much lower costs.
But he claims that his process is simpler, involving fewer steps, which would make it more cost-effective.
Since that earlier prediction, companies have decided to build smaller or fewer factories.
But fewer photons will be absorbed, decreasing the efficiency of the cell.
The store has far fewer software applications than are available for a conventional machine.
Getting more done with fewer people has been a business mantra for decades.
Certainly there will be fewer and fewer jobs for unskilled human labor as people are replaced by machines.
The online encyclopedia is suddenly adding fewer articles and has fewer editors.
Thus fewer and fewer wars take place these days across borders, and more and more take place within them.
The problem is that fewer of these consumers are paying.
Fewer than eight years after the last round of carrier courtships, merger mania is back.
Spirit says restrictions on selling all seats will spread costs over fewer customers, resulting in higher fares.
Fewer family practices mean less access to care for all patients, of all ages.
Technological advances have enabled factories to produce more goods with fewer people.
Water retention is key to keeping skin moisturized and supple, which can translate to fewer lines and a smoother complexion.
Plus, a bean-based vegetarian chili has considerably fewer calories and less saturated fat than chili made with meat.
If there are fewer people in the office, chances are you're going to have more responsibility, perhaps even a completely new job.
They skipped fewer meals, were more apt to read food labels and ate fast food less frequently.

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