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And it happens to continue to help undermine the feudal underpinning in a really positive way.
As the feudal system emerged, the castle evolved into the center of governance for a village and surrounding farmlands.
But the company would be better off with less feudal management.
It basically describes the feudal system, or variations on political systems founded upon clientage.
Her security aide recounted how she cooked for them, and this is extraordinary in our feudal society, and remembered them.
But by their lights they have brought modernity and a better life to a feudal society groaning under the rule of lamas.
His army terrorizes this feudal pioneer society, extorting tribute and forcibly recruiting soldiers.
All lands within the state are declared to be allodial, and feudal tenures are prohibited.
It is concerned with many practical matters and specific grievances relevant to the feudal system under which they lived.
All lands within the state are allodial and feudal tenures of every description with all their incidents are prohibited.

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