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Example sentences for feud

Sometimes all it takes to nip an academic feud in the bud is the willingness to let it drop.
It is in part the product of a feud between the two countries.
Fortunately, his company had the data to end this feud.
Some hasty wording was hyped as a feud within anthropology.
The feud between villagers seemed to be over cattle and herding rights.
Perhaps the famous feud had been resolved, the famous feud that had hung so heavily in the air before.
Thus began an increasingly silly feud between governor and legislature.
Since last spring, he has been at the center of a highly publicized tenure feud that included public.
First, it might calm the feud over ethanol's effect on tropical forests.
Billionaires feud over converging television and telecoms markets.
But, education system ranks later than this: family feud.
It ended up with a big feud, me telling my boss that he can't do science, and me being fired.
But putting the eco-accent of the feud aside, other elements of the story have universal resonance.
In evaluating the seriousness of the alleged offense the court specifically noted the ongoing feud between the two families.
They become involved in a feud and a killing before they land their first job as cattle-drivers.
The feud centered on a cellular telephone that had previously been left in a stairwell by one of the suspects.

Famous quotes containing the word feud

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