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The bullies orchestrating a witch hunt might applaud this fetid slop, but no one else.
When a part fails in a well pump, the community cannot afford to repair it, and so returns to the fetid swamp to drink.
There are trotters with tripe-honeycombed, fetid, strictly for the adventurous.
In today's fetid culture wars, it may help me stay sane.
The fetid water mingles with hot sticky air laden with the stench of sweaty fights.
Troubled children bound tightly to fetid cribs they have never left since birth.
In their own words, survivors recount how they escaped the floods and fetid conditions--and agonize over what comes next.
Other information: also known a fetid buckeye, stinking buckeye.
Fetid, sulfurous fumes escaping from lava sting the lining of the observer's throat and nostrils.

Famous quotes containing the word fetid

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