fetching in a sentence

Example sentences for fetching

Often fetching high prices at the supermarket, they're surprisingly easy to grow.
The company's site baits would-be video-chatters with photos that include a fetching blonde.
My cats have even performed tricks such as fetching toys and jumping on command.
None of these jobs is as important or as consuming as the eight hours or so she spends each day fetching water.
It is in the fetching and carrying manufactures, accordingly, that foreign trade is chiefly employed.
Real estate is booming, with two-bedroom condominiums facing the sea fetching up to a million euros.
Therefore it will often be fetching something you don't need.
We usually think of them as green, but pea aphids sometimes wear a fetching red ensemble.
But the real draw is the fabric overlay that transforms the usual dorky dome into a fetching hat.
And to show off the bendy flexibility of the material, it is also curved into a fetching drop-handlebar design.
She is picture pretty already, with blond hair and fetching green eyes.
And surprise, they make a perfect foil for the elderly locals, who strut with a vehemence that she finds both funny and fetching.
Instead of fetching data from the website directly, the browser sends a message to its proxy servers located on the cloud.
She is more fetching than felicitous in this environment.
People can now devote more of their time to other things, such as education, instead of fetching water from the river.
Systems often provide some flexibility in fetching vector elements.
Farmers, herders, and those fetching drinking water for the household can become infected more often.
She worked extremely long hours, doing household chores and fetching water from distant distribution points.
They grew up chasing squirrels fetching sticks together.
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