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Example sentences for fetch

One day she wanted to go into the forest and fetch some food.
There are good reasons why avocados fetch premium prices.
So, you run out of your favorite natural peanut butter and fetch that jar from the pantry that you bought last month.
The father sent one of the boys in haste to the spring to fetch water for the baptism.
Today her works fetch astronomical prices at auction.
Today some of his canvases can fetch a million dollars.
Experts say the stone is of top-quality color and clarity and could fetch tens of millions of dollars.
Fighting his way to a nearby stream to fetch water, he was cut down.
If supply gets even more stretched, oil could fetch a far higher price in some parts of the world than others.
But many items fetch four figures, so the bankroll can evaporate quickly.
The last of the million shares to sell might fetch a price significantly lower than the first one.
Great whites are pursued by trophy-hunting fishermen for sport and for their jaws, which can fetch tens of thousands of dollars.
He hurriedly decided to send someone to fetch a car.
Middlemen fetch high profits for wildlife trafficking.
Examples of these games still in their original shrink-wrap packaging routinely fetch thousands of dollars.
Most times, a fire can be started by expanding the fuel fetch range.
They then dive with a chunk of flesh, consume it underwater, and continue resurfacing to fetch the other parts.
These were basic fetch quests, running back and forth between points on the map.
Such orphans are often the indirect casualties of poaching, driven by the high prices ivory can fetch.
Now his company produces plenty of high-end vinyl creatures that fetch pretty amazing prices.
Her manager went to fetch her, typing a security code to unlock a heavy door.
Once this is done, translate it to the game of fetch.
Unable to create vitamins from scratch, the body must fetch them from outside sources-typically food.
She didn't look into his eyes, and she drank only a tiny sip before going into the kitchen to fetch a bottle of water.
Then she went down to fetch the rest of her parcels.
But the designer eggs that fetch the highest prices are likely to be sought from the privileged, not the poor.
Likewise, your browser could pre-fetch potentially interesting pages and cache them for you in the background.
And would fetch you, whoever you are, flush with myself.
He could see his father shivering in his underwear, but he couldn't fetch him a robe.
Guided by the price their wares will fetch, they decide to make more goods or fewer.
Emile had enlisted him, cycling over the hills to fetch him, because his father was threatening to plant the field.
True, stocks dumped on the market might fetch somewhat lower prices.
The site thought my pop-up blocker was on when it wasn't and didn't let me initially fetch and print a page.
Even if it does, they doubt the fish it produces will fetch a high enough price to make the operation pay.
But it would be likely to fetch much more than that in a sale.

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