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Example sentences for fester

Diseases might fester because the urinals weren't being washed down with every use.
He no longer lets little mistakes fester or pouts when the ball doesn't come his way.
Letting the problem fester can make raising debt more expensive in the future.
So daft strategies fester rather than getting culled quickly.
What an excellent summary of the dynamic that has allowed countries' debt woes to fester.
We can continue to see this conflict to fester and worsen leading to more bloodshed and violence.
And illiquidity easily breeds insolvency if panic is allowed to fester.
Until this disparity is reconciled, the crisis will fester.
But the problems weren't allowed to fester, and now the program is back on track.
The outcome of misguided infatuations in stores or at street vendors, hats tend to fester in the upper reaches of our closets.
They may bring up small problems that can easily be solved now, problems that could become worse if allowed to fester.
And the procrastination, denial, and lack of will that has allowed these problems to continue to fester.
Some sailors might seek guidance from shipmates while others can let feelings fester.

Famous quotes containing the word fester

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