fervour in a sentence

Example sentences for fervour

Collins has tackled his current diocese's challenges with fervour.
Once published, misinformation is immortal, and it can sweep social networks and newsrooms alike with pandemic fervour.
Many on the right loathe the tax system with fanatical fervour.
Some were driven by martial spirit, missionary zeal or imperial fervour.
Other manifestations of the fervour of the poor were a little less edifying.
And human beings pursue irrationality with astonishing fervour.
Such concerns are being voiced with increasing fervour.
There is too much point-scoring and too much fervour.
Such a fervour of corporate takeovers invariably breeds adulation.
Then again, he also likes to rail against high prices with populist fervour.
The left has embraced protectionism with renewed fervour.
During the thirty years of his abbacy, he had the comfort to see many walk with fervour in his steps.
Our saint redoubled his fervour in all the exercises of penance in this dignity.
Their resolution never failed them, their fervour seemed never slackened.

Famous quotes containing the word fervour

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