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Example sentences for fervid

The fervid pace of restaurant openings over the last five years has finally peaked, say restaurateurs.
The web rewards, with links and traffic, fervid expressions of ideological purity.
The service is snappy and efficient under fervid conditions.
The book revealed a fervid self-taught mind, a literary sensibility and a deep paranoia.
The step-up back room is equally attractive if less socially fervid.
Indeed, a fair amount of court time was devoted to fervid discussions of the participants' appropriate fees.
The students argue these and other points with fervid intensity.
Even during a fervid national debate over health care, the state of dialysis garnered little public attention.
Less amusing is the number of intellectuals, businessmen and political leaders who gave eugenics their blessing or fervid support.
But the fervid emotion and visual chic are what make the thing sing.
Gentlemen were neither fervid nor zealous, and above all they were not enthusiastic.
But the fervid facility of his impromptus could not be so accounted for.
And their fervid, all-consuming desire to be poets is a heady mixture of careerism and more exalted ambitions.

Famous quotes containing the word fervid

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Everything in the neighbourhood of this city exhibits the appearance of life and cheerfulness. The purity of the air, th... more
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