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Example sentences for fervently

He was a render of poetry and romance, yet he was fervently devout.
What shocked me was that this student fervently believed that he could be admitted into a medical program.
Scientists have thus been searching fervently for better ways to identify and tackle anthrax.
But many users were fervently dismissive of ads on their favorite amateur videos.
We know you have found peace overlooking the land that you fervently loved.
He worked fervently for the electrification of lighthouses.
They fervently preached the gospel of the new economy and its productivity miracle.
But those who fervently believe their own rhetoric about saving humanity may be even more dangerous.
Cabaret venerates maturity more fervently than any other form of entertainment.
Floyd still fervently believes, there is such a need.
They brought in pollsters to their party conferences to persuade their members that the country was fervently behind them.
Suppose those who fervently believe in global warming believe that they can predict the weather years ahead.
Any movements to the contrary are fervently and noisily resisted.
Rarely have so many brilliant scientists so fervently wished to be proven wrong.
Unfortunately, this case has gotten mired in fervently-contested discovery disputes.
She fervently believes that accountability and transparency are essential to good government.

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