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Only a small fraction of natural gas goes into fertilizer production.
These crops are measurably increasing yields while reducing the demand for fertilizer, pesticides, and water.
They cost the same as a lawnmower and they'll even throw in their special blend of self-produced fertilizer.
Our fathers used to say that the master's eye was the best fertilizer.
Gardeners and other environmentally conscious people will add the leaves to a compost pile to become a natural fertilizer.
Local farmers haul away the leftover bedding and manure-sandy, nutrient-rich fertilizer.
They want cheap natural gas: they're in the fertilizer business, that's one thing.
His staff doesn't dress in period clothing or employ period tools or eschew fertilizer and pesticides.
The indiscreet fertilizer subsidy damaged the farms and politics both.
Or when fertilizer prices rise beyond reason with oil and gas prices.
Going back to the forest, dead plants and animals decompose and become fertilizer for new growth.
Algae may be harvested, dried, and reused as fertilizer.
Fertilizer sections at nurseries, garden centers, and supply stores dazzle the gardener.
Dead or yellow patches can also result from uneven fertilizer application.
If its performance is subpar, though, apply a high-nitrogen fertilizer in early spring.
Water and fertilizer needs differ between the two groups, and susceptibility to some pests and diseases varies as well.
Apply both seed and a complete dry granular, controlled-release fertilizer over the lawn.
As they peck happily away at the pests, they contribute fertilizer to their little patch.
Julia waters them through the growing season and feeds them with liquid fertilizer every other week.
Feed monthly with a complete houseplant fertilizer, following label instructions.
For an extra boost during the growing season, give plants a shot of water-soluble fertilizer, diluted according to directions.
Too much fertilizer and water produce rank growth and woodiness.
Mix in a complete fertilizer according to package directions.
They're also abundant with ample water and fertilizer.
Add a complete fertilizer in the amount directed on the label.
Most berries prosper with one feeding of a complete fertilizer in early spring.
When new growth starts in spring, feed it with controlled release fertilizer.
Use an acid-forming fertilizer, such as a blend formulated for rhododendrons and azaleas.
Add controlled-release fertilizer to the mix at planting time and replenish it yearly.
Apply a complete dry granular fertilizer, also using a spreader.
At planting time, every vegetable and flower seedling gets a sprinkling of controlled-release fertilizer.
Apply half-strength liquid fertilizer every two weeks.
Dig in several inches of compost and a balanced organic fertilizer.
To promote flowering, apply a complete fertilizer in late winter or early spring.
It would fit right in in almost any backyard and the portability helps distribute the fertilizer.
But new types of cane and improved fertilizer were changing all that.
Actually, he says, the head and tail of the tuna should be used for fertilizer.
The left overs from the process also make excellent organic fertilizer.
Worse, this is reduced by a sizeable fraction due to the inescapable energy costs of fertilizer and transport.
Once it's life cycle is over it can be used as fertilizer.
The other byproduct of the digestive process was a slurry which was grade-A fertilizer.
Manure from animals including cows, horses, chickens and even bats is a traditional and effective fertilizer.
Minimize fertilizer and pesticide use on your lawn and garden or switch to organic, nontoxic alternatives.
It can be recycled into a wide variety of materials, from concrete to fertilizer.
Farmers countered that reductions in their use of fertilizer would be economically ruinous.
Coveted as fertilizer, the dung must be reaped by hand.
Humans could turn its ash into a benefit, such as fertilizer or additives to strengthen pottery clay.
Fertilizer and pesticide residues from agricultural activities also contribute to contamination of fresh water resources.
Farmers have used manure in slurry form for years as an organic fertilizer.
Fertilizer is a recognized source of the gas, but until now, manure had been largely overlooked.
We over fish them, drain our fertilizer into them, and fill them with a continent's worth of plastic.
Mining phosphorus for fertilizer is consuming the mineral faster than geologic cycles can replenish it.
One of the ways in which the sludge is disposed of is through land application, because it is valuable as a fertilizer.
These are due primarily to agricultural fertilizer run off.
Nitric acid rain is derived primarily from power plant, car and truck emissions as well as from gases released by fertilizer use.
Thank you for your reply and concern regarding the role of fertilizer run-off threatening ocean life.
More efficient fertilizer use can reduce the transport of excessive nitrogen and phosphorus.
The two conventional farming methods differed in whether or not farmyard manure was used to supplement chemical fertilizer.
With a bit more warmth and extra fertilizer, a plant can go from limp to lush.
The by-product of anaerobic digestion can be used as organic fertilizer to replace synthetic fertilizer from fossil fuels.
The chemical compound is used mostly as a fertilizer but also is a key ingredient in meth.
Fertilizer costs are rising, and then there are the climate swings.
They could apply fertilizer and pesticides automatically, too.
Because the rows are more exact, the farmer isn't wasting seed or fertilizer by overlapping.
They're made of wood and fertilizer, so metal detectors are close-to-useless.
We treat it and use the fertilizer to maintain the compost site.
They say the process is inefficient, polluting and wasteful, as the manure is better suited for fertilizer.
Nothing completed yet, but he is about to close on deals involving a cement factory and a fertilizer maker.
Plus, its nitrogen-rich effluent is ideal plant fertilizer.
Bird of paradise needs water-soluble fertilizer every other week in spring and summer.
Because fertilizer and other agriculture material are freely available, farming has also picked up.
Spraying fertilizer may also enhance the bacteria's growth.
If improperly managed, elements of fertilizer can move into surface water through field runoff or leach into ground water.

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