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If the barnacle's goal is to fertilize as many eggs as possible, live in close quarters at areas protected from wave exposure.
They can compost an elephant, fertilize an oak forest or light up the oceans in the eerie teal glow of bioluminescence.
He'll then watch over her until she spawns to try to ensure no other males fertilize her eggs.
It's the only vertebrate known to naturally self-fertilize, for example.
Without nitrogen to fertilize crops, the world couldn't feed itself.
Instead, he's looking to create and cross-fertilize interesting ventures.
Fertilize when growing season begins and again in early summer.
To keep potted herbs healthy fertilize and water them regularly.
Fertilize at planting time, then once every two months.
Continue to deadhead existing plants, and fertilize one last time early in the month.
Fertilize, water, and deadhead occasionally for a riot of bloom and texture all summer long.
Most clinics will fertilize every egg, and freeze them at various stages of development.
Some plants may even begin flowering before pollinators are around to fertilize them.

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I shall speak of ... how melancholy and utopia preclude one another. How they fertilize one another.... Of ... more
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