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The eggs of other fish are abandoned immediately after fertilization.
Once implemented on an industrial scale, ammonia synthesis enabled the widespread fertilization of croplands for decades hence.
Integrated organic and inorganic fertilization is needed to increase the yield of crops.
There are weather factors, fertilization factors, etc to take into account.
However, the seedlings require careful watering, fertilization and weed-insect control.
Doctors do not know exactly why it works, but believe the hormones either delay ovulation or block the fertilization of an egg.
As pollen arrives at another flower, the shell relaxes and unfolds, allowing fertilization to take place.
These newsgroups tend to be self-contained worlds, with little cross-fertilization.
The results are similar to the special cells that appear in embryos a few days after fertilization.
Shortly after fertilization the cells of the future fly grub begin making their fateful choices.
Our staple food crops rice, wheat, and corn do not need bee fertilization.
He knew how to control the growth of trees through pruning and selective fertilization, and how to shape them with wire.
Fertilization may be possible but the embryo might quickly die.

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There are, as is known, insects that die in the moment of fertilization. So it is with all joy: life's high... more
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