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Scientists have produced fertility in genetically infertile mice by transplanting a gene from normal animals.
The target reductions in fertility rates were reached long ago.
Another is that the dance is derived from some mystical fertility dance.
The fertility industry is a largely unregulated field.
Because those dogs, you know they cause a spike in fertility.
The land maintains its own fertility through biodiversity.
As traditional societies modernise, fertility falls.
Fertility clinics are under pressure to reduce multiple births.
They wonder what benefit they could bring, especially given the obvious risks of infection and reduced fertility.
Shriveled testes grew back to normal and the animals regained their fertility.
Humanity was once caught in the trap of high fertility and high mortality.
He tells of visiting a friend's fertility lab and observing early embryos under a microscope.
Wrestling also has connections with fertility rites, ancestral worship, and animistic beliefs.
But the fertility clinic did not think it was a good idea.
In the continuously exposed group, the results showed that larger females had lower fertility rates than smaller females.
As you point out, the major causes are falling fertility rates and increasing life expectancies.
In many cultures, the frog has been a symbol of life and fertility.
Plant life is the primary generator of all food and fertility.
The decline of marriage and fertility is one factor in the global economic crisis.
For countries with particularly low fertility rates, the decline is dramatic.
But fertility clinics account for only a minority of births.
Alas, pinning down evolved relationships between fertility and health is tricky.
It also replenishes the fertility of flood plain soils.
Whether stress has any significant effect on fertility or fertility treatments is unclear.
Lavishly talented as both a storyteller and a prose stylist, he is notable for his skill and his fertility.
My fertility is taken amiss, my blocked colleagues take it for proof of lack of talent.
Scientists could not use embryos discarded by fertility clinics, or from cells taken from embryos without destroying them.
Increased fertility, and thus larger families, could have been especially useful in the rural settlement's early history.
The only reason for not developing this resource is lack of water, fertility and a reason for development.
The hormone alterations and immune dysfunction increase risks of reduced fertility, birth defects, and cancer.
In industrialized countries it took generations for fertility to fall to the replacement level or below.
They enjoy unprecedented control over their own fertility.
The estrous, or fertility, cycle in females could likewise be altered experimentally by doses of melatonin.
Fertility is not a condition of marriage, nor is it grounds for divorce.
For thousands of years human beings have been attempting to increase or decrease their fertility.
Nevertheless, the link he claims to have uncovered between fertility and regime collapse has gone to his head.
Ever a perfectionist, she gets a bikini wax for her implantation appointment at the fertility clinic.
He then postulated a highly complex fertility ritual that was to have been performed in these sanctuaries.
It was once part of the imperial palace, used for fertility and harvest rites.
Fertility drugs are often used alone as initial treatment to induce ovulation.
In mice that were fed the compound, fertility dropped to zero after a few weeks without causing the animals noticeable harm.
Science can modify microorganisms that reduce fertility, to be non pathogenic.
Poor health is another contributing factor to the poverty that drives high-fertility rates, the report says.
The etchings in the desert make up a sacred landscape honoring water and fertility.
People in poor countries are now able to exert more control over their own fertility, and hence over the size of their families.
The decrease in fertility level will mean increase of cost of life.
Further, pine-cones were regarded as symbols or rather instruments of fertility.
His fertility in practical invention was no less notable.
Shrivelled testes grew back to normal and the animals regained their fertility.
The images in the cave are mainly cows painted with big udders, apparently to symbolize fertility.
Embryonic stem cells are derived from human embryos, usually donated after fertility treatments.
Moreover, the males showed reduced fertility, and there were increases in eggshell breakage.

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