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Example sentences for fender

Instead, unpleasant shocks are absorbed by an optimism that serves him as a kind of ship's fender, protecting him on all sides.
If you put a boat fender out on a rope, he'd hold it in his mouth and play tug-of-war, gently enough not to destroy the fender.
Well, even though we're in a no-fault state my insurance is paying for the fender-bender.
One fender bender, my husbands fault, was a horrible nightmare.
The fender was broken, the lights were all shattered and there was significant damage to the body of the bus.
The tailgate still sports mysterious indentations inboard of the fender-mounted taillights.
Rear fender makes it difficult to grab handlebars and tilt bike on one wheel while walking.
The door or fender of every other car was bashed in, or bashed in and mended.
Merrick rose from his chair, pushed back a fallen log and put up the fender.
You'll get behind the wheel of a smart car that avoids fender benders by braking before you even see danger looming.
The sound was that of a confused but undaunted turtle trying to climb out of a fender well.
There were big round rust spots on the fender and the door.
Worth swerved to the left to avoid this car, but as he did, one end of the board caught on the fender.
The tire shards took out the right headlight and ripped off a section of the fender with attached mud flap.
If oversize tires extend beyond the fender, they must be covered with a flexible fender extender.
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