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Flu shots may do more for the elderly than fend off the flu, new research shows.
In this deep recession only the government can prop up demand and fend off economic disaster.
The best way to fend off future hearing loss is to protect your ears with earplugs or noise-reducing earmuffs.
Easy-care plants and materials create a low-maintenance garden that can fend for itself for weeks at a stretch.
But the region is better prepared than it used to be to fend off hunger.
There are several ways to boost the immune system so it can better fend off infections.
So a handful began reaching out to ranchers, offering them money and tools to fend off wolves without killing them.
Virtual safety bubble erected around future cars by smart sensor systems will fend off accidents.
Yes, there are better ways to fend off a nap than jamming a pen into your thigh under the table.
Even where the government or aid agencies are present, the help is patchy at best, with many left to fend for themselves.
Without claws, spiny lobsters use their antennae to fend off predators.
For their part, the ants help to fend off would-be plant eaters.
My grandfather was of the second generation, sold the company and let my father fend for himself.
It's time for them to move out and fend for themselves.
There will always be more illogic and confusion than science can fend off.
At the end of the process, the client's own management is expected to be able to fend for itself.
For example, the spikes on this porcupine fish help the fish fend off danger.
The matter is further obscured by the nature of the threats they aim to fend off.
It should use that credibility to fend off weakness now.
In a non-native habitat, fish become susceptible to parasites, diseases and predators that they are not equipped to fend off.
But hundreds of thousands will be expected to fend for themselves.
The crucial result she refers to is exactly how much antigen it will take to fend off the virus.
There, poorly trained, unarmed rangers have to fend for themselves.
Workers are left to fend for themselves: no independent unions, no free press, few community groups.
As food supplies dwindle populations sustained by aid will have to fend for themselves.
In the summertime they leave them out on the range to fend for themselves and graze.
But that would mean that insurance companies would have to fend for themselves.
When they are healthy, piñon can fend off beetle attacks by producing sap.
They routinely get car-bombed and have to fend off attacks.
Otherwise her story serves only to exorcise her own demons and leaves the helpless stepchild to fend for herself.
As new rivals appear, the tycoons are using all means at their disposal to fend them off.
Added bonus: the gripping action helps fend off carpal tunnel.
Many companies are hunting for drugs to fend off this sort of memory loss.
Pups at this stage have been recently abandoned by their mothers and must fend for themselves.
Patients were left to fend for themselves on the streets.
Still larger increases may well be necessary to fend off further pensioner revolts.
Others begged for buses to help evacuate their villages, were told to fend for themselves.
Many employers have simply decided to let their workers fend for themselves.
We are a nation that is not going to tolerate those who cannot take care of themselves being left to fend for themselves.
It took her over a year of treatment to know whether she was going to be able to fend it off.
But today's courtship system fails on that count, leaving singles who have aged out of the college scene to fend for themselves.
The rest are cast on the slag heap, left to fend for themselves with no basic understanding of the sciences.
Instead, each transmission line and power plant must fend for itself, shutting down when power flows spike or sag.
Dieting may fend off memory loss in your later years.
Injured animals, no longer able to fend for themselves, could limp over and dig in.
Pack rats will also fortify their dens with menacing pieces of spiny cholla cactus to fend off coyotes and other malefactors.
Rather, females banded together to help fend off males bent on infanticide.
After about two months, pups are weaned and left to fend for themselves.
Unfortunately as these snakes grew too big, they were taken out to the countryside and released to fend for themselves.
While in character, you acquire rad superpowers to fend off armed helicopters and brawl angry henchmen.
Every sector of society has been left to fend for itself.
Travel snacks fend off hunger for small tummies, making the trip more pleasant for the entire family.
Someday there may be a vaccine that can fend off all subtypes of influenza, but such a vaccine remains a dream for now.
The lion's share live in the intestinal tract, where they help to fend off bad bacteria and aid in digestion.
Many will be left to completely fend for themselves, though exactly how many is unknown, experts admit.
But that requires a socially supportive culture rather than one where each individual must fend for themselves.
Many consumers, however, remain dedicated to antioxidants and other supplements as a way to fend off cancer.
Her reasonable defence, that as a prisoner she was in no position to fend off uninvited visitors, was brushed aside by the court.
Excellent research will be funded and mediocre work left to fend for itself.
They also have smaller families, and the youngsters are often left to fend for themselves.
More than a dozen federal, state and local agencies are trying to fend off the invaders.
Deciding to fend off unnecessary and/or harmful action is as much a worthy act as any other of a more active nature.
And now his government is paralysed by its attempts to fend off the scandals.
Online advertisers want us to click and buy, but you have ways to fend off the blitz at the tip of your fingers.
Children left to fend for themselves were put in orphanages.
From that point on, the freedmen were generally expected to fend for themselves.
Serious injury can result from using hands and feet to fend a moving boat off a wall.
Use facial expressions, body language and a firm voice to fend off any unwanted attention.
Even if a domesticated tortoise appears healthy it probably will not be able to fend for itself after being dumped in the desert.

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