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Fencing livestock enclosures with wire barriers keeps predators at bay and livestock safe from harm.
Electric fencing now surrounds calving lots in many risky areas.
View of the track with the lure system in the foreground, wide open space without fencing.
Several rows of electrical fencing circled the complex.
Management strategies include use of baboon proof garbage bins, some electrical fencing, and education for residents and tourists.
Without electric fencing to keep them in place, some zoo animals begin to escape their cages.
Conservationists usually make a peace offering in the form of electric fencing.
As they run towards a trap of steel fencing, many of them face a future far from the range.
Ring-fencing is worth a try, but in a crisis its neat boundaries may be ditched to stabilise the system.
Now and then, a well-tended dairy farm with neat fencing and fire-breaks comes into view.
Fencing and even branding are contracted out to a new breed of freelance day-labouring cowboys.
On the fourth floor, the weaving of the strong wire-work and the formation of fencing for farms, is executed.
But she's been fencing since she was eleven, and she's good-good enough that her coach thinks she has a shot at nationals.
He is smooth-faced and brown, and is fencing up his pigs.
The wood resisted rot and warping, making it a favorite for fencing, utility poles and furniture.
Fencing contains the cattle as well as protects and separates them from their freely roaming cousins.
Other roadkill prevention methods include fencing and laser sensors.
Even outside of residential areas, environmentalists are leading a charge to replace the fencing.
Hundreds of red, white and blue plastic cups are stuck into chain-link fencing, spelling out his name and framing his picture.
Horse owners must have adequate fencing to safely contain and manage their horses.
Fencing installed on a grazing allotment or other unit to keep cattle or native ungulates out of burned area.
The system works on the same premise as invisible dog fencing.
Fencing or filling excavations, etc, on private lots.
Perimeter fencing is used to provide security and access control for the municipal cemeteries.
Fencing shall be maintained and repaired by the contractor during site construction.
The improved fencing is intended to reduce wildlife-automobile impact accidents.
Your gift will add new sections of historic fencing and help restore the battlefield.
Metal fencing still cordons off the pavilion, which was supposed to be open this morning.

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