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But with helicopters circling overhead, the chancellor clearly felt under siege.
But that still does not explain why this sense of loss should be felt.
Cut the felt into pieces to use as hot pads or incorporate a large piece into a pillow cover.
Scientists injected a radioactive dye into my left arm, which felt warm and tingly as it coursed toward my brain.
So the family launched a campaign to get some of what they felt they were owed financially.
Coolest find: a super-soft felt throw of churro wool made in the high desert north of town.
For many, money simply could not be an end in itself-they felt called to use their talents for a higher purpose.
And even worrywarts who felt something was amiss had no idea of how bad the consequences would be.
Aftershocks were felt in several cities, according to media reports from the area.
But decades and even centuries later, the impact of his words would be distinctly felt throughout society.
We felt glad to be sharing our table with a kindred spirit.
My ankles also felt stronger from maintaining my balance on the supple jumping surface.
Many observers no doubt felt that would allow him to defy the cold logic of actuarial probability and remain in charge forever.
The birders felt frustrated, as their sense of urgency did not seem to be fully shared.
Chuck music is your heart and your heart can be heard and felt in your music.
Everyone agreed how wonderful they felt after the big meal.
The pair only started designing the game's levels once the engine felt perfect.
Visits now entailed six hours and a stopover in each direction, and the separation felt completely unfair.
Demand for workers is pushing up wages, and that is now clearly being felt in the shops.
Why you may have felt less manly after voting in the presidential elections.
Its down is grey, its feet fleshy and pink, and its budding flippers are soft as felt.
Your ancestors knew a tomato was good because of the way it looked, felt and smelled.
And the reverberations are felt right down the menu.
Each time, the whole planet would have felt the effects.
But it could take a generation or two before the full impact is felt.
My quotation of the day, as supplied by this online quote merchant, felt apropos.
Several of them said they had felt subjected to pressure by the police.
Always felt too guilty to do so because of what it cost.
The effect of this extra schooling might be felt for generations.
Those who exercised regularly said they felt more productive and were able to accomplish more during their time working.
But he threw up again the next day and felt so bad he went into the emergency room.
We spent hours talking about the deepest questions of science and never felt rushed.
Cosmologists and particle physicists have seldom felt so confused.
Imagine a time in your life when you felt out of control-anything from getting lost to losing a job.
The healthy subjects felt their heartbeat, as before.
Yet four of the six subjects felt dramatic and lasting effects.
Still, he felt dizzy, and he found his dressing room going in and out of focus.
People outside academia also felt this amount was extremely good.
It was felt that even the king of rock and roll had no right to take shots at a car.
His first subjects were people he would see on the streets and rusty machinery that he felt captured society in decay.
She says she felt the spirit of her ancestors beading along with her.
By the time a driver felt the bumps under his tires, it was usually too late to stop or slow down.
We felt deceived by his overstatement of his academic expertise.
What was odd, as he posted his irregular blogs about his latest adventure, was how much fear he felt this time.
Those who had their hands in icy water kept them there for longer and felt less guilt over time.
All she knew was that she felt fine and exhibited no symptoms, and she objected to being fingered as the perpetrator.
Reverberations from this meeting are still felt to this day.
They felt the tremendous weight of their actions and the consequences of those actions.
For the moment the pressure is being felt by businesses that service the rich.
When time was called and my list-making had to stop, my work felt more my own.
The biggest surprise was how different each game one felt.
Others felt that a universe so elegantly designed as ours plainly must have a designer.
She felt a shivery thrill as everything about their comfortable old relationship suddenly seemed to change.
Those of us watching anxiously felt a deep personal connection with the probe.
Physicians themselves have felt reluctant to steer patients toward the repositories.
Ask them afterwards how the event made them feel and how long they felt it lasted.
Perfection is felt to be a road to personal acceptability.
What they did was encapsulate results of numerous studies in a way they felt readable to nonscientists.
Some of its backcountry has almost never felt the tread of a human foot.
Rock dust on the green felt, cowboy ballads on the jukebox.
Archer felt the irony but did not dare to take it up.
He would say what he felt and would say it in imagery of his own fashioning.
Then as he ran he remembered his children and in fancy felt their hands clutching at him.
The smartest hat for town wear is an opera, but a straw or felt which is proper in the country, is not out of place in town.
At the same time, it has to be said that the record of the trial does not suggest that he felt the tragedy.
Much of the social effervescence is only indirectly felt on the page.
Newspapers emerged from the dot-com bubble relatively unscathed and probably felt pretty good about their future.
Some felt the problems could be resolved through the proper exercise of willpower.
But when he returned to the text, he says, it felt dated.
He found that he was not the only one who, after time on the pump, had felt their brains bogged down by simple tasks.
She told her doctor that she worried excessively and that she felt overwhelmed by these thoughts.
And they quizzed students on how energized they felt before and after the stroll.
Well, people with the smallest fingertips felt the narrowest grooves.
Half of them wrote about a time they felt secure and supported, whereas the other half wrote about feeling insecure and alone.
And, no, the effects will not be felt for hundreds of years.
They also said how close they felt to others present and whether they felt competent and autonomous.
Grant, nagged by a hamstring injury since training camp, said he finally felt healthy.
Democracy was tried from time to time, but discarded by generals who felt they could do better.
But when the regime started shooting at some of its own people, many more felt humiliated for ever having believed in it.
Understanding those, they felt sure, would result in a cure.
Both blacks and whites felt she was not one of them.
Small and innovative firms began obliging them, and big firms increasingly felt forced to follow suit.
The leaves are gray-green on top and a felt-textured white underneath, and they're rolled up at the edges to expose lots of it.
Certainly, it takes more than software to ensure the speed boost is felt by customers.
Residents there had only minutes between when they felt the earthquake and the arrival of the first wave of the tsunami.
The impact of this is being felt first in animal feed, particularly poultry and pork.
The quotation marks are there because the law of unintended consequences will make itself felt with any new technology.
By now surely someone would have felt that the public deserves to know and would have spilled the beans.
He wasn't sure this was actually the right time to put it on, but then again he usually felt better wearing it.
She had no idea and felt that if she said so, he would think her a liar and a coward, so she kept silent.
Pulling off onto the soft shoulder, he felt a certain resistance from the undercarriage.
The air was spiked with a fall wind and it felt fantastic.
Scarcely had the maker of miniatures completed the thimble palace when he felt a new burst of restlessness.
As soon as the he hung up, he felt a pulse of excitement, the promise of illicit thrills.
When he was a judge-if he had been a judge-he had not felt the need to accost strangers and tell them that he was a judge.
Kern, the absentee owner of fifty acres, felt guilty at the rarity of his visits.
In preparation for the trip, the writer had come up with a list of nine dishes he felt he had to try.
He showed up early to the games and stayed late, he played with abandon, he felt the unease in results.
The author has two many flasks on too many burners, but this is a deeply felt and often well-realized work.
She got all dressed up and felt excited before and after but was bored during their date.
So he felt a calling, or that is how he liked to explain himself.
The letters felt potent somehow, maybe simply because they weren't e-mails.
Most of the effect is felt in reduced exports of machinery and transport equipment.
In this hour before sunrise, when the night dew was still wet, the warmth and animal smell felt good.
Grievances and jealousy are producing hatred, and the resentment felt by the have-nots can be striking.
She felt old and bloated, though everyone else thought she looked more elegant than ever.
Those of us lucky enough to enter network television out of college always felt out of place.
Sometimes the amount of information felt overwhelming.
As more oil threatens coastal wildlife, the impact is being felt, visually.
Other theoreticians felt cosmic expansion would continue at a steady pace essentially forever.
It's impossible to convey how otherworldly the place felt this spring.
But both of them felt frustrated by the limitations and stresses of fashion work.
After a month or so on a strengthening diet, he felt robust enough to try a few steps.
We occasionally felt neglected, disregarded, unsupported-unloved.
It was at odds, he felt, with the issues facing the country after the cold war.
Her ideas were always dominated by what she felt her public image should be.
In each instance, it acted reluctantly, adhering to legal constraints only because it felt that it had no choice.
We actually all felt really awkward about it and didn't know what to do.
He wanted to illuminate what he felt was the mystery of her contrasting needs.
They felt that they had disappointed their devoted supporters.
It looked different, it felt different, it felt raw.
He felt that she was one of the few people in the inner circle who didn't have her own agenda.
It was so easy to palpate, he continued, that he asked the patient if she had felt it herself.
Whatever weariness he felt at the crush of the public gaze, he was almost always willing to pause for the shot.
But he simultaneously ordered the destruction of any literature that he felt could be a threat to his power.
In another experiment he applied a mild shock to people's skin and had them gesture as soon as they felt it.
And both groups of volunteers felt similarly disgusted.
The boom was so powerful, some residents felt their windows were going to break.
The ground shook, witnesses felt the hellish heat from kilometers away, and the shock wave circled the world.
He felt woozy, so he opted for taking long strolls on a home treadmill and bicycling.
Lots of scientists felt they had to describe tastes using one of the four categories.
Participants were asked how they had felt the previous day and whether they were living the best possible life for them.
We all felt our government had provided us the space to begin again.
On the first day, all the participants said they felt threatened, and they showed spikes in cortisol and fear hormones.

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