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Children, who had always figured largely in the felony of the age, made a profession of feigning the symptoms of the bewitched.
Ordinarily, a first-time offender convicted of a single, nonviolent felony would be spared such a long sentence.
In six weeks we've had two felony pleas, another pending and a pipeline full of criminal cases waiting to be made.
It is considered bad form to blame people for a catastrophe after it happens, unless someone involved has committed a felony.
Three people have been criminally charged and another has pleaded guilty to a felony.
The law says any third felony conviction, from shoplifting to car theft, can result in a life sentence.
Curry, the state's all-time leading scorer, faces two felony counts each of possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana.
Under current law, a first offense is a misdemeanor with a second offense considered a felony.
He was charged with a felony in which someone was killed.
The vast majority of the murders were not in conjunction with another felony being committed.
In your application you indicated that you have been charged or convicted of a felony offense.
Currently, felony warrants exist in a nationwide system that is immediately accessible to law enforcement throughout the country.
Felony mediation provides an out-of-court and timely procedure to process felony cases through our judicial system.
The driver was arrested and charged with felony property damage.

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