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Your dog knows in a sniff if you have been cavorting with the despised feline next door or fingering his favorite treats.
Thank you for your diligence for the preservation of one of the last large feline species.
If you'd wear more of those slinky items, they wouldn't sit all folded up in the cabinet to attract the bald feline.
Purring may provide a basis for this feline mythology.
The domestic feline brain has been shrinking for thousands of years.
Scientists studied the physics of feline drinking.
The rodents pick up toxoplasma from feline droppings, thereby completing the circle for the parasite.
With the use of high-speed photography, the neatness of the feline solution has been captured.
House cats bred to resemble toy tigers are the latest feline fancy.
The argument is that canine kind is not going to generate a feline be it housecat, tiger, or cougar.
Apparently the irradiation causes oxidants to form which then affect feline neurology, and also possibly destroys vitamins.
He added that the fossa has a suite of feline traits, including retractable claws and a fearsome set of teeth.
Swanson attacks her role with the same feline energy that make her a star.
Not since the time of the sabertooth has a feline species gone extinct.
But the good news may be obscuring serious threats to the country's iconic feline.
Despite their name, these rare primates have far more in common with their monkey relatives than any feline.
Touching testaments to canine, feline, and feathered friends.
The nefarious influence of this corporate empire extends malignantly across the feline galaxy.
He left all his property for the establishment of a feline infirmary.
The plaintiff's plea is that the natural instinct of the feline race is to prey on birds as well as mice.
And if you do acquire a feline, keep it out of your bedroom.
The leap may not be exactly feline, and it's a publicity stunt, but it's nevertheless startling.
But my grandfather loves telling these thoughts to his cantankerous feline companion.
It recognized a pair of eyes, then the outline of a feline head.
Yet many small feline species are endangered in the wild and urgently need to be bred in zoos.
Our feline companions are its preferred home and only in their bodies can it mature and reproduce.
Hilariously typical of our feline friends to also know it's the weekend.
Feline leukemia virus has never been much of a threat to humans, he notes.
Your feline may find it irresistible, but catnip has rather a different effect on mosquitoes.
The university is mapping the distribution of bobcats across town through the photos that people make of their wild feline guests.
If you haven't already, see your veterinarian to rule out feline infectious diseases immediately.

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