felicitous in a sentence

Example sentences for felicitous

But once in a while a group of instructions will bump into each other, join together, and begin to cooperate in a felicitous way.
The idea that your palate and your vocabulary expand simultaneously might sound felicitous, but there is a catch.
Names are generally made up of two, and characters having a felicitous meaning are always selected.
Noise-reducing headphones are a great help, especially if tuned to more felicitous sounds.
Days could be spent in devising felicitous coincidences to allow the brief exchange in the laundry room to be picked up elsewhere.
Use and misuse of an old, felicitous device for the communication of intelligence.
Contrasts felicitous closings by both native and highly proficient nonnative speakers with felicitous closings by nonnatives.

Famous quotes containing the word felicitous

Ambassador Puser the ambassador Reminds himself in French, felicitous tongue, What these (young men no long... more
Such condition of suspended judgment indeed, in its more genial development and under felicitous culture, i... more
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