feisty in a sentence

Example sentences for feisty

From sweet little chicks they turned into loud and feisty roosters.
But the band needed singers, a robust vocal outfit to tame the music's feisty bucking.
His state's feisty public-sector unions enjoy extremely favorable laws governing their collective bargaining.
Aileen, usually chipper and feisty, was visibly anxious.
Instead the author says it might have been to keep his troops from getting too feisty.
She was a feisty director whose strength of character infused her museum and brought it to greatness.
There are seven billion of us, a few feisty hundred could repopulate.
Start with a live, preferably feisty, specimen no matter which method you choose.
At lunch, business types roll up for tacos of seared beef with feisty tomato salsa.
Colloquial term for a feisty, overachieving player with a good motor who thrives as a kick-coverage guy.
Companies may find themselves up against feisty rivals that they have never heard of, not to mention unscrupulous pirates.
Pound the skins to control a feisty ape that jumps, runs, flips and fights his way through a fantasy landscape.
Labor and its feisty boss gamble on antimissile sentiment.
Children from birth tend to have one of three combinations of these traits and thus be either flexible, fearful, or feisty.
For the recreational angler, feisty bluefish can provide an exciting fishing experience.
He was known for being feisty and combative, but he was also big-hearted.
Overall, he is pretty feisty and seems to be maturing at a normal rate.
People admire badgers as feisty animals willing to go against the odds.
McNamara stated the people who live behind this fraternity can be feisty.
They are bold, feisty and territorial and they tend to chase or eat unlucky lizards or insects that enter their territories.
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