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Example sentences for feign

Vendors may feign outrage, but they know how the game is played.
He would put them down on the lectern and then feign surprise that he had forgotten his syllabi in his office.
Although it was possible to feign uncertainty over his definitions, people understood precisely which job he meant.
The heathens might feign their gods of the woods, from certain monsters sometimes seen.
Proceeding thus, he arrived by degrees at playing naturally, though he did not cease to feign.
She had not been much of a dissembler, until now her loneliness taught her to feign.
He and the good doctor agree he should feign his demise in order to collect on the life insurance.
They then feign injury and are able to escape in an ambulance.
The fact that a corporation hiring guerrilla marketers would feign innocence is bad enough.
Even for the strongest of the breed, the best strategy is to feign weakness, to play the damsel in distress.
Once a relationship was established, he would feign an emergency and then ask for help.
Also the same approach: it's a movie, so we'd better feign movement.
If you root for the player, you will feign sadness before getting back to cleaning out the garage.
So don't now join the chorus who feign shock, shock on being called out for such a clear and unprecedented candidate bias.
Killdeer adults will feign a broken wing to distract predators from eggs.
The clinic owners and patient recruiters allegedly instructed the patients to feign symptoms to justify expensive testing.
As hatch date approaches, she will begin to feign injury if she is disturbed.
The way he managed it was to feign stomach trouble and go without eating long enough to convince the doctor.

Famous quotes containing the word feign

But old folks—many feign as they were dead, Unwieldy, slow, heavy, and pale as lead.... more
True love never goes without respect; and its counterfeit is often obliged to feign it, till an occasion se... more
Nothing is dead: men feign themselves dead, and endure mock funerals and mournful obituaries, and there the... more
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