feet of clay in a sentence

Example sentences for feet of clay

Half the apparent geniuses turn out to have feet of clay.
The disappointment of finding out that one of your heroes has feet of clay.
Without a strong capacity for innovation and creativity, even a giant has feet of clay.
If you pardon my language, it's good to know our saint has feet of clay.
And even biographers specialise in exposing feet of clay.
The population dynamics of human beings with feet of clay are obvious and fully comprehensible.
Then all the heroes died, and those that didn't came down with terminal feet of clay.
So for all its artistic merit, as a human drama the film retains feet of clay.
Savannah keeps falling for dreamboats with feet of clay.
But the search for salvation is always riddled with ironies, and the gurus keep turning out to have feet of clay.
Without this more secure parameterization, projections of future global food security may have feet of clay.
Once the ash disposal is completed, the site will be covered with two feet of clay, topsoil and vegetation.
It is now covered with two to four feet of clay, but was not designed with a protective liner in the manner of modern landfills.
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