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The true home-bred feelings of all the people resumed their ascendancy.
For centuries, the fleeting and highly subjective world of feelings was the purview of philosophers.
When feelings of kinship transcend the species boundary.
Feelings of triumph and dominance are part of a long heritage of primate evolution and human social development.
But, obviously, our feelings can't tell us what is within reason.
Those who admitted to strong feelings of revenge turned out to be those whose brain activity had been the highest.
So many feelings come from viewing this photo but mainly the simplicity of life.
Surprisingly, the idea that experiencing pain reduces feelings of guilt has never been put to a proper scientific test.
Discuss the reasons why they might have omitted certain things and their feelings about the imperfections of their region.
There are many wonderful images, but this one invokes so many powerful feelings.
We are fine-tuning the relationship between our own feelings and environment.
The old rituals, however, signal that the feelings of grief have their rightful place in life.
Obviously, these feelings ebb and flow at various times.
Financial markets have mixed feelings about the continuing strength.
It teaches how to communicate feelings with colorful words and phrases.
Some people are able to control anger or frustration and channel these feelings to nondestructive outlets.
Unless it is commentary intended to either expand awareness, or invoke strong feelings of misanthropy.
Many people are surprised by the negative feelings they have toward their stepchildren.
On the whole, however, the budget left higher-education officials with mixed feelings.
Understanding the thoughts and feelings of other individuals is essential for navigating the social world.
It enhanced my experience and put into words all my feelings about his work.
The reason, scientists say, has to do with how emotions and feelings are processed in the brain.
But, if true this report changes some of my feelings about that.
People with synesthesia often have strong feelings about the qualities of various words or letters.
But after a few years, my feelings about the place shifted.
But an awareness of the issues and openness about feelings can make all the difference.
The participants were then asked to spend four minutes writing down any thoughts and feelings that were on their minds.
As it turns out, however, our feelings and thoughts are only too visible to those who know how to look.
Feelings are sometimes difficult to discover--and often even more difficult to acknowledge.
Such feelings are widespread at a time of high unemployment and economic malaise.
The participants' faces are studied for positive or negative feelings.
But activity in those regions had died down in the patients, indicating that their feelings had faded.
As creative momentum steps in during the process so do introspective thoughts and feelings.
Americans are an optimistic people but it doesn't show in their feelings about the economy.
Every dog lover knows how a pooch expresses its feelings.
These are more inclined to give credence to people's stated desires and feelings.
Sit down with a journal or with someone you trust, and explore your feelings about these questions.
People report that spending time in nature increases their feelings of energy and vitality.
These patterns of gene expression were specific to loneliness, not to other negative feelings such as depression.
In the view of some educators as well as critics of the education system, those negative feelings obstruct the learning process.
It usually includes expressing feelings about the loss, reviewing memories about the deceased and finding meaning in the loss.
Rather, so many people have such strong feelings about it, often connected to so many.
Her mind began to race with disturbing thoughts about her own marriage, which was unstable, and feelings of self-loathing.
Never the type to hold back, academics have forcefully voiced their feelings about the regulations.
Nightmares evolved to help us cope with bad feelings and prepare for the day ahead.
Its power will help him bring forth good thoughts and feelings.
Moreover, his emotional sympathies extend incompletely over the range of feelings in the story.
Commonly reported feelings of relief or elation were absent.
Yet the personal happiness is counterbalanced by feelings of pessimism about the state of the world.
Regardless of their groupings, remind students to consider the feelings and effects of being in a larger group.
After spending less than an hour in the room, nearly three-quarters reported having more than three unusual feelings.
My feelings have nothing to do with cerebral palsy, mild or otherwise.
For some in the mainstream press, the sour feelings are mutual.
Cover create an alluring chemistry while they dance around their feelings.
His feelings about his hometown have always been, at best, ambivalent.
She needs to slow down and really listen to her intuition, and trust her feelings.
But my feelings afterward were akin to the uneasy feelings that follow a burger and fries.
The six two-hour therapy sessions covered the relationship between thought, mood, behavior and physical feelings.
But the truth is everyone relates to the feelings of inadequacy.
Game developers want you to get to those mixed feelings while you wait.
Then look for ways to get those qualities and feelings onto film.
If you've made your feelings known, that's about as far as you can take it now.
As to our feelings at the time, there was no sense of impending tragedy.
Our feelings come from chemical responses, a pure machine would not be capable of a chemical response.
My feelings exactly, guess it's not declared a marine sanctuary.
Feelings of righteous indignation, it seems, are not the preserve of people alone.
When you offend people, it's not about your feelings.
Hanging may be unpopular abroad, or blocked by courts or regional politicians sensitive to local feelings.
It may be impossible successfully to oversee an outfit that provokes such strong contradictory feelings.
Idealism was sharpened by feelings of guilt over earlier ethical lapses.
At present the public appears ambivalent: polls suggest mixed feelings on both free trade and a higher consumption tax.
The regime's detractors may well feel angrier than in the past but they have little scope for expressing their feelings.
But the nuclear plant is still shut down, and locals have mixed feelings about it restarting.
Then ask them what feelings they get when they look at the flag or when they sing the national anthem at a ball game or elsewhere.
The overcast lighting along with the weather aged deteriorating boats added to the forlorn feelings of the scene.
For some, solar panels evoke positive feelings, even when set in a natural landscape.
We share many of the same feelings for a place mysteriously etched into our minds.
Both give me intense feelings of freedom, empowerment, and adventure.
It helps to clear the mind of unwanted thoughts and feelings so you can redirect your thoughts to a more positive state.
He is less the poet of artificial life, than of nature and the feelings.
Much of a nation's history, and more of its manners and feelings, may be gleaned from its public-house signs.
He has a remarkably expressive voice, the result of a habit of giving vent to his feelings without reserve.
On this subject you need not suspect any deception on your feelings.
Do not expose your private affairs, feelings or innermost thoughts in public.
All thoroughbred people are considerate of the feelings of others no matter what the station of the others may be.
It is much more frequent for the children to express these feelings of hatred than those arising from the parent-complex.
Moreover, if they do have feelings, it is difficult to discern whether they are feeling anything similar to our feelings.
When to engage with negative feelings and when to ignore them.
After all, it feels good to be liked by others, so to win his heart you should aim to be the source of such feelings.
Irrespective of animal feelings, one must conclude that the treatment of food animals is deplorable.
The theory was inspired by the study of epilepsy patients in whom temporal lobe seizures induced mystical feelings.
These displays are combined with other facial features, such as what you do with your eyes, to express a whole range of feelings.
It is amazing to see how many of the comments in this discussion are based on feelings, impressions, and unverified statements.
Student therapists should be trained to deny and hide their feelings and beliefs so they can be good models for others.
While there are mixed feelings among students, none will be on campus to see the vote realized.
Most professors have mixed feelings about participating on peer-review panels.
Some answers may reveal feelings that are in conflict with your espoused values.
Many professors apparently consider their post-tenure feelings of emptiness unseemly, even narcissistic.
Such conversations can drain your energy and contribute to feelings of resentment and lethargy as the new term begins.
The subjects were re-tested a month later, and those whose feelings had grown more negative also generally felt better.
Pinpointing the source of her anxiety might help her to mitigate those feelings.
For example, a common concern is to find out about participants' feelings or beliefs about something, in their own words.
For real anger issues, many people look to anger management to help handle their feelings.
When you have a billion dollars, it makes it easy to express your true feelings.
Such feelings are heretical in the professional food world towards the world's best chef.
They have never had high blood pressure, except when talking about their feelings.
There feelings for humanity are nothing short of hidden hatred.
Create visceral visualizations of the different outcomes, so that you can feel the feelings that result from each one.
Indeed, my own feelings in this matter have been overturned.
The belief and expectation that a treatment will heal produces in many patients genuine feelings of relief.
By contrast, range voting encourages diversity because it reduces the penalties for expressing true feelings.
But in those early months, feelings were still too raw for small talk.
He also revealed his mixed feelings about artificial intelligence, then in its infancy.
The ideas, impressions and positive feelings about the brand that matter.
My family did not express feelings about anything, race included.
Negative feelings about an article could be channeled into its improvement.
Some of the students were asked outright, while others were first exposed to short films that aroused feelings of fear and anger.
We have understandably mixed feelings about these acts.
Our thoughts and feelings are not fully under our own control.
The good things not yet in the lunch box connect with deep feelings of childhood optimism.
Their critique of introspection is not limited to simple feelings.
The boundless prodigality of nature inspired scientists and poets with the same feelings of wonder.
Surprisingly, there is ample evidence of intelligence among snails, and even some indications of social feelings.
But today, other feelings are apparent: admiration on the one hand, pretension on the other.
Feelings of aggression, rage, and airsickness are also common.
Let me wait until they die, so to be sure of my feelings.
Half of you is projecting your own emotions and feelings onto him.
But they're all true to her, all her contradictory feelings.
She taught her students to go beyond their own inner feelings and to use their imagination in order to enrich their roles.
Sure enough, when he looked at his manuscript his feelings about it changed again.
Make sure to listen to your commitments, as well as your feelings and desires, as you navigate the following months.
It must have rekindled feelings of warmth for her from a past relationship.
Employees responded to a set of statements about their feelings toward their workplace.
It can be a good time to share your deepest feelings.
Dopamine rewires the brain to become accustomed to those benign feelings.
Overwhelming feelings of anxiety colonized more and more of his life's terrain.
Their emotional needs having gone unmet, they frequently have trouble understanding or appreciating the feelings of others.
One is a science-fiction comedy with more than its share of gags, chills and good feelings.
Negative feelings, however, don't seem to change with the seasons.
But when those same psychologists test people's subconscious feelings, they find a much different story.
We tend to think of emotions as private affairs, feelings that wash over our subjective worlds.
While in therapy, she also began exploring the unexplained feelings of panic that had haunted her daily since early childhood.
Feelings dominate reason, and action dominates reflection.
The feelings of one pole become the anti-feelings of the other.
The stereotypical view of oxytocin is that it increases positive feelings rather than negative ones.
Certain emotions are hardwired, but reading the feelings of other people requires tremendous social experience.
It consists of inhibiting the outward signs of inner feelings.
And admittedly, this is a subject where feelings can be pretty entrenched.
These worlds communicate with each other through telephones instead of feelings.
The different accidents of life are not so changeable as the feelings of human nature.
He was bottomlessly terrified, and dozens of strangers seemed to feel his feelings whether they wanted to or not.
But he prides himself on being able to rise above personal feelings.
The prospect of losing a fight evokes feelings of guilt and sadness in the player, rather than panic and self-preservation.
Ascribing feelings to things is a way of protecting your own right to have feelings.
Writer describes the feelings that arise during surgery.
She feels guilty because she has no warm feelings for him.
She did it by projecting her need to lift you past whatever glum thoughts or feelings you might be having.
Lots of the protesters were carrying homemade signs conveying their feelings.
On the contrary, he was exquisitely attuned to the feelings and emotions of others.
She makes time crawl, and in doing so she arouses simultaneous feelings of boredom and awe.
He held her hand and squeezed it to signal his warm feelings, and said that there was nothing to forgive.
Children cope with sadness better if they can express their feelings in a trusting, warm atmosphere.
Instead of telling others how you feel, you may keep your feelings bottled up.

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