feeler in a sentence

Example sentences for feeler

The birds bumped their heads nearly three times more often than birds with the use of their feeler feathers.
Using a steel straight edge and feeler gage, measure the flatness of the piston top and bottom.
Curb machine has a feeler gauge that rides along the top of the white string line to place the curb at a specific elevation.
Using the steel square and feeler gage, measure the flatness of the tamper foot.
Spud wrench, calibrated torque wrench, feeler gauge.
Adjust jaws using either a feeler gauge or a portion of the sample to adjust the gripping of the sample.
It is a feeler and also an instrument by which objects are smelled.
While cutting is stopped for strain readings, use a feeler gauge to see if the cut is closed.
Gear tooth thickness was measured using a gear tooth caliper and backlash was measured using feeler gages on all open gearing.
The straightedge is moved across both diagonals, measuring the gap between the straightedge and the cap with the feeler gage.
Testing is done by measuring the gap with a metal feeler gauge.
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