feeding frenzy in a sentence

Example sentences for feeding frenzy

Instead, by throwing one guy over, you're going to create a shark feeding frenzy in the vicinity of your sinking boat.
The visitors crowd the small city's streets and generate a feeding frenzy among local businesses.
Once the realities of this hits the street it should create a feeding frenzy for the nuclear industry.
It would be fascinating to watch the feeding frenzy if it wasn't so important to help the people.
The only encryption system that doesn't conjure up images of a lawyers' feeding frenzy is key escrow.
It's especially aggressive during its feeding frenzy.
It was a ten-second window that revealed so much before it closed into a hidden feeding frenzy.
Clearly, at times there's a feeding frenzy up there.
The biologists' goal is to catch a glimpse of the feeding frenzy.
The latter half of the film is one long feeding frenzy, guided by a familiar horror-film principle: survival of the best-looking.
We must ask ourselves where and when this feeding frenzy will stop.
And if the stream comes from injured or dead fish, they can be provoked into a feeding frenzy.
Once they start biting, get your line back in the water quickly because the increased action will create a feeding frenzy.
Often that same night, raiding raccoons dig the eggs out in a feeding frenzy.
The trout in the river often go into a feeding frenzy after the insects and invertebrates have entered the water.
Remnants from the feeding frenzy fall lightly to the bottom.
Once the hook is set in a wealthy potential ward, courts have a feeding frenzy.
Once water is trapped in the wall cavities, dormant mold spores come alive fora feeding frenzy on the exterior sheathing.
Eight out of ten suits are without merit because of the legal feeding frenzy the system encourages.
The current law has created open season on legitimate companies and sparked a plaintiffs'-bar feeding frenzy.
See a dozen whales break the harbor's surface in a feeding frenzy.
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