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Thus his advice on the feeding of children, the general tenor of which is good, could hardly be followed with safety in detail.
Nor must his imagination be thought of as feeding solely upon itself.
His feeding tube needed to be removed from his stomach.
Technology needs care and feeding, yet some colleges have trouble keeping up.
The sessile filter feeding organisms inhabit the wave exposed shores.
They help to proliferate post-docs who require substantial care and feeding by senior faculty.
In other words, get the means of supporting myself together first and then do the soul-feeding stuff second.
They are more motivated to learn independently--no spoon feeding or hand holding required.
Though commercial growers fertilize regularly, many home growers find that their trees require only minimal feeding.
We'd continue feeding our mothers and know they were back in action when they rose to the top of the jars.
By doing this regularly, you can eliminate one lawn feeding or more per year.
Elevated feeding and watering stations keep birds from fouling the water supply with feathers, feather dander, and droppings.
Follow package directions for application rates and water thoroughly before and after feeding.
Most berries prosper with one feeding of a complete fertilizer in early spring.
Note that heavy feeding of either type in spring leads to excessive leafy growth, soft fruit, and fruit rot.
With regular watering and periodic feeding with fish emulsion, the plants thrived.
Because the necessary frequent watering leaches nutrients from potting mix, container plants need regular feeding.
They need moderate water and occasional feeding to stay strong.
Elsewhere, give plants their first feeding as soon as new growth appears.
They need to tolerate the roses' regular irrigation and feeding, but they shouldn't compete for them.
We've been feeding them sugar water, since the weather has been lousy for foraging.
The adult flits among flowers feeding on nectar and pollen.
But the business of feeding from the government trough is continuing, unabated.
Another third comes from improved feeding and the remainder from better disease control.
To test this idea he trained his ants to walk from their nests to a feeding station through a ten-metre-long channel.
Mothers can administer the paste in their own homes, rather than rely on doctors in feeding centres and clinics.
Many are exasperated, believing they are financing an endless war in the name of feeding the hungry.
Eating wildlife is an important part of feeding the world's poorest people.
The animals are employing new feeding behaviors and migration patterns.
Sardines thrived here, feeding on the rich blooms of plankton fertilized by nutrients carried along by rising deep ocean waters.
Some babies began feeding themselves earlier and some later.
Both sea horses and pipefishes employ the tilt-and-slurp technique, known as pivot feeding.
After entering the erythrocyte, the merozoite breaks down the cell's hemoglobin, feeding off the amino acids.
The new findings explain how the lizards are able to maintain such an extensive feeding niche.
But the various lice lineages of the period would have been feeding on something, and dinosaurs were almost certainly on the menu.
But others enjoy feeding them, even though that's against the law.
Enjoy feeding shows, including our two-story kelp forest tank show where you can talk directly with a diver underwater.
He knows when it is play time, feeding time, and even changes in the weather.
Bird feeding area, walking trails and carving demonstrations are part of the attraction.
But they still suffer from disrupted sleep, interrupted feeding and the energetic costs of flight and resettlement.
Animal care staff and veterinarians are feeding the cubs every three hours and monitoring their temperature and body weight.
The reddish leaves curl into tubes that lure insects that fall into digestive enzymes in the bottom, feeding the plant.
Military applications would include robot snipers that could live in the woods, feeding on leaves and shrubs.
They found that oxygen consumption rose sevenfold in lab pythons after feeding.
They swat or bat their bills from side to side in order to stun their prey, feeding on the fish until they're all gone.
It will also scavenge carrion, and can eat up to half its body weight at a feeding.
During this floral feeding process, the birds pollinate many plants.
These tiny birds are omnivores, sometimes feeding on insects and spiders.
They also graze on land, feeding on grains and plants.
They are voracious predators, feeding at night and generally staying close to the bottom.
Discuss why students think two species of sea turtles would have such different diets and feeding habits.
Rarely observed, this brazen feeding behavior originates with smell.
Such injuries are usually the result of mating duels, but feeding spats can turn nasty as well.
They add that the squid was found feeding at depths where no light penetrates even during the day.
Farmed salmon swim around and around in enclosed pens and are fed formulated pellets on a feeding schedule.
They have been feeding off anarchy for so long that they refuse to let go.
They were shouting at once, beating their chests, feeding upon each other's energy.
As more would-be homeowners look to rent, apartment prices are feeding inflation while home prices continue to fall.
The last decade or so has given rise to a new version of an old phenomenon: the bottom feeding debt buyer.
Carnivorous tigerfish had braved the poisoned streams and were feeding on flesh that had fallen into the water.
In the end, insularity becomes inertial, feeding on itself to create ever more isolation.
There's a positive side to film and television, the sense of feeding into the theater.
Pedestrian concerns-feeding children, foreign visas, connections with the local bureaucracy-don't excite them.
He was going to help protect the nucleus of what this is by feeding it and letting it grow.
They provide for the care and feeding of career reporters and editors.
He discussed the size, weight, care and feeding of the bears.
Neither really has the appearance of a carp, because their mouths are not the downward-pointing mouths of bottom-feeding fish.
Ignorance and fanaticism is ever busy and needs feeding.
Meanwhile, his sister-in-law has managed to forget her troubles in feeding on the imagined misfortunes of her sister.
It is thought that the feeding of wild birds should not cease altogether.
Best of all, it's user-friendly: unlike other fan stoves, it has a side-feeding combustion chamber that's easy to refuel.
Feeding energy into the electricity grid could prove more valuable than using it to power trains.
Help keep the grants flowing-- more cash in the feeding dish.
So, there needs to be a heat source firing up the battery in addition to whatever power source is feeding it electricity.
But the care and feeding of the organism is secondary because of the margins and the relatively small scale needed.
And of course, a forecasting model is only as good as the instruments feeding it data.
In order to make lunge-feeding work, you have to have a really big mouth to capture enough water in one gulp.
There's every reason to think that filtering out small prey is an incredibly efficient way of feeding.
Most are active at dawn and dusk, while others enjoy midday feeding.
These two are youngsters, left behind at a feeding creche.
The bacteria start feeding on the insect and reproduce furiously.
Feeding mosquitos probiotic-infused nectar could make them resistant to the disease.
Those figures are even more astonishing because the spiders discard the silk after they are finished feeding.
Where there are plants, there are almost certainly aphids feeding on them.
The way to enjoy the science and make a mark is in doing it yourself, not feeding a big machine.
Small flocks of same species hanging out and feeding together.
Feeding it maltose caused it to make a lot of proteins for digesting maltose.

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