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The researchers then trained nectar-eating bats to find a feeder hidden in artificial foliage.
But when they took out the lawn, they realized they had shallow feeder rots out to the edges of their property in all directions.
It occurs to me that each of the bare-root cherries cost me about the same amount of money as a good bird feeder.
Face facts: there are some people who will never be satisfied with the design as long as it's not a bird feeder.
He'd given up all the other livestock, but twenty feeder pigs still remained.
He teeters when he walks, he no longer drives, he looks out the window and watches birds come to his feeder.
They make last-second break-ins from stop signs on feeder roads.
There was so much snow around the coop this winter that the feeder, perched atop concrete blocks, got buried.
Inquire about his finances and he talks about his hummingbird feeder.
Marijuana isn't dangerous, and it isn't a feeder drug.
The opportunities are supplied by a feeder network of regional and industry specialists in the earliest stage of financing.
Local and regional feeder rail also needs investment in many places.
That's a rare happy ending for a bottom-feeder story.
The place for a filter feeder is out in the current.
Not only does doping skew the playing field, it also skews the feeder system.
Convincing the woodpecker to use this might be difficult, but a suet feeder nearby might do the trick.
Each light had a feeder that dispensed either delicious sugar water or repulsive salty water.
The contracts with the largest volume for the month were live cattle and feeder cattle futures and options.
Your feeder will also attract some of the year-round residents.
Novice-rated trails follow the river and some of its feeder creeks.
Consider the lowly fishing lure, a potential bottom feeder if there ever was one.

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That's why language fails. Because to one, shit is a feeder of plants, to another the evil that permeates t... more
The gross feeder is a man in the larva state; and there are whole nations in that condition, nations withou... more
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