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There's a positive feedback loop that is leading to the changing of the nature of the surface of the ground.
There needs to be a better interactive feedback loop between academia, the public policy world, and the business world.
There is no feedback loop where things are tried, lessons learned, and tactics changed.
Insufficient measures to permit an escape from the adverse feedback loop between sovereign debt and bank debt.
At the same time they seem to be connected through a dynamic feedback loop.
Economic indicators are the main feedback loop to national policy.
As the systems people would say, there is no feedback loop.
We could use the downturn to add storage tanks to our refineries, since inventory levels are in a feedback loop with prices.
The new oscillator consists of a simple circuit of two genes that creates both a positive and negative feedback loop.
The result, he says, can be a feedback loop in which one counterproductive procedure spawns another.
Dialog and interactive storytelling has an ebb and flow of mood in a feedback loop.
In some buildings this has created a feedback loop that makes lights cycle on and off annoyingly.
These would replace the broken pancreatic machinery and restore the body's delicate feedback loop.
It breaks the feedback loop that occurs with many violent incidents, especially those that are gang-related.
The faking creates a feedback loop that propagates itself.
Dong's results suggest that inflammation and insulin resistance reinforce each other via a positive feedback loop.
They wrote some driver software with a feedback loop.
Oh, and which is inhibited by having more cortisol already in the system, in a negative feedback loop.
More sales, more algorithm-fueled recommendations, and the positive feedback loop kicked in.
There's also a positive feedback loop at work, so that chronic stress actually makes us more sensitive to the effects of stress.
The key to the flexibility of the cloud is closing this feedback loop and making it a seamless process.
The feedback loop spirals all the way back to the radio age.
The positive feedback loop of stress had been stopped.
And it could create a climate feedback loop that would increase temperatures further.
Human and machine understand one another and are engaged in a feedback loop of escalating refinement.
Rudd was cutting through to voters and they to him, in such eerie sync they might have been spliced in a feedback loop.
Such a law would create a built-in feedback loop that would prevent politicians from ignoring the health of the people.
The result is a feedback loop that accelerates local warming.
Another factor supporting spiraling inflation increases was the wage-price feedback loop.
The relationship between investment and the overall economy is what an engineer would call a positive feedback loop.
There certainly seems to be an element of this negative feedback loop in the current crisis.
There was a feedback loop involved in the dotcom bubble.
Worse still, bank problems create a feedback loop with the rest of the economy.
Of course there is a feedback loop between the way journalists write about politics and the way other people think about politics.
Another positive-feedback loop in bull markets used to be the final-salary pension fund.
Perhaps there is a feedback loop: potential spouses and partners are more attracted to healthier individuals.
There is a feedback loop between what voters take seriously and what journalists take seriously.
Essentially, a pain-causing feedback loop was set in motion, creating the agony of a migraine.
Is this icecap melting leading to more volcanic eruptions, leading to more cooling kind of a self-regulating feedback loop.
It's a feedback loop in which behavior and physiology continually reinforce one another.
Myopia is thought to be the result of a delicate feedback loop that tries to keep images focused on the eye's retina.
The feedback loop creates bubbles and the larger they are, the more difficult it becomes to recognize and regulate them.
There is a positive feedback loop between genes and environments.
For a start, the ability to sense light could be part of a feedback loop that controls the development of the light organ itself.
But it also creates a feedback loop, where as the wealthy gain more power, they can rig the system more in their favor.
Evolution and culture can also wind up in a feedback loop.
So the physical nature of the forest produces a feedback loop which allows it to sustain itself.
In fact the tuned number forms part of a feedback loop.
It's a big never-ending feedback loop and that applies to other points of views as well.

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