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Ravens flew in, sat on his wounded hip, and tore pieces of his flesh while he feebly tried to repel them.
The still feebly flickering ashes in the grate, and the row of prim ornaments on the mantelpiece, were surely harmless enough.
The non-articular portion of the tubercle is occasionally only feebly marked.
The secret of education still hid itself somewhere behind ignorance, and one fumbled over it as feebly as ever.
As yet, it must be owned, this daring expectation is but feebly reflected in our books.
All at once laughter broke into a roar and covered everything: the mare, roused by the shower of blows, began feebly kicking.
He could no longer walk, but could sit erect and totter feebly for a few feet.
Compared with mesons, a muon interacts with nuclei incredibly feebly.
These were feebly yellow in the impure melancholy winter effluence.
The economy has been growing, however feebly, for five straight quarters.
Instead, a feebly staffed, government-appointed electoral commission was to run the poll.
The heart beats feebly, and breathing takes place only at long intervals and slowly.
Warmed by the sun or the heat from a campfire they slowly begin to move their legs and feebly creep away.
Following this debacle only a handful of members persisted in the commune, feebly continuing to build the kingdom.
Watt protested feebly, but her children hastily moved her off to safety.
Rather than preventing harm and drug use, harm reduction feebly attempts to reduce the misery level for addicts.

Famous quotes containing the word feebly

However, our fates at least are social. Our courses do not diverge; but as the web of destiny is woven it is fulled, and... more
Even voting for the right is doing nothing for it. It is only expressing feebly your desire that it should ... more
You may rely on it that you have the best of me in my books, and that I am not worth seeing personally, the stuttering, ... more
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