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My ability is feeble, but my responsibilities are great.
Nay, much more those members of the body which seem to be more feeble.
Next to that consummation, a cake on a rake is a pretty feeble entertainment.
If you are appreciated as a research star, people will talk up your teaching and admin no matter how feeble.
So here is my feeble effort at some kind of recognition.
The timetables should be regarded as feeble attempts at humour written by overworked bureaucratic underlings.
No more feeble beams that don't work outside, or over-sensitive sensors that record random hits.
The stereo speakers along the bottom edge are feeble.
In fact, electric motors produce lots of torque, so even those with feeble horsepower can be quick off the line.
You've done us and our kids a fine service by exposing his feeble, reactionary comments to the cold light of reality.
Some people use the feeble excuse that they don't produce enough energy.
And for every one enlightened, there will be an abundance of those for whom reason is a feeble resource.
So, scientists will always be viewed by the government as an interest group, a small and feeble one at that.
In contrast, the performance of other participants in the trial was often feeble.
Clapping and hissing are feeble and fickle indicators, true.
The political and economic realms were feeble, so social power derived largely from the cultural realm.
The rough usage to which he was subjected was a great strain upon his feeble frame, weakened by age.
Now the fire is but smoke and ember, the neon anemic, the dragon feeble and more of shadow than of substance.
His girth was immense, his neck thin, his legs feeble.
In the afternoon he made a feeble effort to get at the food.
Without vigour or colour, without grace or ornament, his style is singularly jejune and feeble.
Many central bankers worried that the recovery would be feeble and fragile.
History suggests that such balance-sheet recessions are long and that the recoveries which eventually follow them are feeble.
After fees, hedge-fund returns this year have been feeble.
The responses of both the federal and provincial governments have been feeble.
Until that shift takes place, the global recovery will be fragile and probably quite feeble.
Its prestigious nuclear technology companies look feeble.
His nuclear weapons, however few and feeble, provide his only leverage against the world.
Commanders who displayed a feeble grasp of their precincts' problems were summarily replaced.
About the size and shape of a sunflower nutmeat, an elm leaf beetle is a feeble creature in my experience, breaking at any touch.
Cosmic rays being far too feeble and unpredictable a source, muons have to be produced artificially in order to make them useful.
But it has gravity, however feeble, and it's enough to affect the rings.
And one might dismiss as preposterous the notion that human beings, of all feeble agencies, could affect it at all.
There is a reason why all this is worth rehashing, as distasteful as it may be and as feeble as the arguments are.
Most people easily develop immunity to these feeble viruses and clear them within a week.
And while there are two stars involved in heating the planet, their light is pretty feeble.
Suddenly he began to grow feeble-first his great eyes and then his body.
And perhaps instead of your feeble attempt at revising history you should try a pinch of honesty.
It is my opinion they had been tipped off, and fully intended to pull this charade in a feeble attempt to get viewers.
Such tactics are the hallmark of those that either don't have a logical argument or are too feeble minded to produce a cogent one.
Their arguments in their own defense will seem feeble.
But it was too feeble, too weak and too late to succeed.
Your hawk follows you overhead by moving among the branches, its natural camouflage hiding it from feeble human eyes.
Each new episode was met with feeble government response or half-hearted negotiations.
None are too small, too feeble, too poor to be of service.

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