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Yet no matter how fecund nature is, humans are more so.
If such ancient water can be located in other areas, arid land can readily made arable and fecund.
Instead, it's with the giddily fecund contagion that overruns the movie's climax.
The social-media sites are touting their expertly tended, notably fecund, but still fenced-in offerings.
And from the absurdly lifeless to the absurdly fecund.
The red shiner is moderately fecund, but its realized fecundity is high due to a protracted spawning season.
As will all rockfishes, coppers are viviparous and highly fecund.
Unsolved pollution problems plague the industry, despoiling once fecund waters of nearby estuaries and inshore coastal bays.

Famous quotes containing the word fecund

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The man whose whole activity is diverted to inner meditation becomes insensible to all his surroundings. If he loves, it... more
Suddenly, like a chestnut falling out of burr, he was shed naked and glistening onto a soft, fecund earth, ... more
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