feckless in a sentence

Example sentences for feckless

And now he is playing the doddering, out-of-touch old fool who was betrayed by his feckless employees.
The less active it was, the more feckless people were.
Career politicians, by definition, are feckless partisan hacks.
It is about whether the populace may know about the actions and crimes of their feckless politicians.
NO self respecting country wants it's children harvested by the citizens of a feckless superpower.
Care must be taken so mothers rather than feckless fathers control funds for their children.
Bad enough that the feckless guardians of the nation's wealth should squander the funds-worse that they wasted it on themselves.
The widespread poverty,unemployment,drug addiction and feckless begging on the main streets was shocking.
Too often such work degenerates into a feckless exercise.
While reprehensible and feckless, these tactics are not surprising to us.
These sniping, kvetching dinner companions come across as an insufferable collection of overprivileged, feckless whiners.
Amtrak staggers ahead, feckless and insolvent, through train wrecks and slowdowns.
Scores of immigrants now put their lives in the hands of feckless smugglers, with tragic results.
Susan's fellow monsters have a feckless charm, but they're all but useless in approaching the job at hand.
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