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The muscles of the intestines forget how to move stool or feces on their own.
Couldn't stand the idea of putting feces in my washing machine.
Feces is greasy, loaded in bacteria and is toxic to handle.
By the time they reach the slaughterhouse, they're covered with feces and crowded together.
Mice were trained to identify feces from bird flu-infected ducks by smell.
Zoologists will generally limit the term scat to feces of mammals.
The feces are moved into the rectum to await expulsion.
The fungi project their spores away from the resident dung because cows will not eat near feces.
The resemblance to real feces was striking, but his concoction got moldy and mushy too fast.
The important factor in getting the disease is walking where people who have hookworm have made feces.
The attic was covered in pigeon feces and mites and pigeons were getting stuck and dying inside the walls of the house.
In one instance, ancient human feces even seem to contain traces of digested human tissue.
So the feces get into the food or water supplies, though mainly the water.
The eggs are deposited via feces into water and picked up by fish, in whom the parasites mature.
Researchers believe ants become infested after eating bird feces contaminated with the eggs.
Infected cats shed millions of their oocysts in their feces.
The animated sci-fi flick flushes viewers into a futuristic world powered entirely by human feces.
The floors in the living room and foyer were covered with animal feces.
The results were disastrous, and the chamber was splattered with feces.
Improved facilities for feces disposal have decreased the incidence of whipworm.
For the birds, removing the nestlings' feces likely helps prevent parasites from infesting the crowded nests.
Apparently, nature designed them to expel feces from the body.
But dog feces and urine should not be found on our sidewalks.
Seals are not ideal beach companions for humans, with the partly eaten fish, the feces and the wild smell that accompanies them.
Infected birds secrete the influenza virus through their saliva, nasal secretions and feces.
The researchers found that the feces were sometimes infected with the nematode eggs.
The virus is found in the urine and feces of deer mice and some other rodents.
She's even picked up a nasty habit of eating her own feces.
Then tests confirmed that the infection-causing bacteria were not from skin but from feces.
Its cysts are discharged in the feces and contagion is usually by contaminated water.
Researchers also picked up feces from the forest floor.
Gases produced by the pigs' urine and feces corrode metal, he explains.
It usually is transmitted to humans who eat food contaminated with animal feces.
Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome is a severe respiratory infection spread by rodent urine, feces or saliva.
They elevate and invert the lower end of the rectum after it has been protruded and everted during the expulsion of the feces.
All those imprisoned animals sitting in their own feces.
Naturally occurring ammonia in chicken feces adds a special pungency to indoor operations.
In the areas without toilets, where feces run in the open sewers, he suggested that people wash their hands more frequently.
To be inspired by feces is a rare event, but in this case it was well justified.
The flies transmitting trachoma breed in human feces.
To collect orangutan feces samples to trace paternity and measure the reproductive success of various males.
She also became obsessed with feces, once sitting on her heels in a way which hampered defecation for two weeks.
The runoff contains large amounts of feces that can cause dangerous algae blooms, for example.
Sometimes, organisms leave marks, such as footprints or feces.
Recycling human feces can be tricky, but many dedicated organic farmers use composting toilets.
The bird spreads the eggs via its feces, which the ants eat, continuing the cycle.
Tossed on the bottom of the cage amidst feces was chicken feed mainly consisting of corn.
There was water at this spot-filthy, stagnant water full of pig feces and urine.
The rotavirus antigen test detects rotavirus in the feces.
The bigger the fossilized feces the more ancient rain.
The process begins when a weakened sac bursts, spilling feces into the abdominal cavity.
The vets collect feces samples to look for parasites.
Now, to wade through the pile of feces to whatever relevant point you've chosen to bury within it.
If only because it deals so heavily with zombie feces.
The feces their dogs left on the floors seemed not to offend them.
Or, there were ferret feces on the floor of her house.
Not many people would appreciate the lighter side of a mountain of feces outside their place of business.
In fact, after three months, the mice excreted the tubes in their feces and urine.
Monkeys are quite indiscriminate when it comes to flinging their feces.
Tequila claims fans threw rocks, bottles, and feces on her.
The bug is found in the colon, is a known cause of colitis and can be spread by even trace amounts of feces.
She jealously punishes her sister by feeding her a sausage of human feces to protest her sister's larger portions of meat.
They broke down the door and found her, comatose and surrounded by feces.

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