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Example sentences for featured

He is tall and well featured, the large eyes lustrous in the pale face.
The video accompanying the exhibit featured some tremendous music.
He built a lamp and shade that were impressive enough that he was featured on the local news.
Initially the new theater featured a mixed bill, alternating movies with live vaudeville acts.
It featured an array of dinosaurs and included a colored key explaining whether they were herbivores or carnivores.
Also featured are some campuses that are not often seen on such rankings, which usually go for the obvious.
The article probably started that way because in the featured couple, the husband is the handy one.
As one might expect, the experts featured in the book are often talking to one another, not to the general public.
Most of the motion illusions featured in this slide show are potentially triggered by eye movements, both large and small.
Each game featured two players, one designated a proposer and the other a responder.
These should be relevant to the motion, the speakers' statements or the observations of featured guests.
Attempts to do this have mainly featured interest writedowns, which do not help reduce household debt that much.
These should be relevant to the motion, the speakers statements or the observations of featured guests.
Previously released cables also featured unvarnished opinions.
Previous prototypes of road-drivable aircraft have featured manually folding or detachable wings.
The virtual route featured construction zones, heavy traffic, and busy residential areas.
The losers' list featured more-traditional technology companies.
Other robots featured this year focused on the mental side of social interaction.
The featured story is big and gets lots of elbow room.
It was the talk of the planet, featured in magazines and papers across the globe.
These glowing seas have featured in sailor stories for centuries.
All three have featured in concerts and recordings, bowed by famous violinists.

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