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Pacific albatrosses feast on garbage patch offerings.
Check the fliers above and below for more details and remember to feast responsibly.
They feast on the flesh of the recently buried dead.
Now scientists propose attacking the alien species with ants that feast on cane toad flesh.
The cooking fires lit to celebrate the feast day spread in the high winds until almost all the city was ablaze.
The hosts are expected to offer their unexpected guests a feast from all the food in the cellar and pantry.
But with everyone on the team pitching in, as well as getting help from friends and neighbors, they made a spectacular feast.
Then the algae in the bag feast on nutrients in the sewage.
In fact, you might discover a whole new way to bring the big bird into your feast this year.
Participants can also feast on giveaways, free sketches, autographs and more.
They set off after dark to feast on the ripe fruit found in the forest.
With every breath you take, they'll be watching you-and anticipating their next blood feast.
It's fun, but relatively understated and surprisingly clinical, a mere appetizer to the feast ahead.
When it was victorious, the kraken would drag the ichthyosaur's corpse back to its den for a feast.
The finished product is more of a light lunch than a grand feast.
Feast your eyes on juicy watermelon wedges, guavas, and more.
Spotting the offshore orcas' fearsome feast took some doing.
For deep sea scavengers, a dead tuna is an exquisite feast.
Every time government fails to regulate, the roaches come out to feast.
Friends and family gather to feast and exchange gifts.
Bearded seals and walruses, which feast on the sea's bottom-dwellers, are struggling with a reduced food source.
Feast your eyes on these amazing photographs of cheetahs.
There, they feast on food they stored during the warmer months.
The feast is comprised of some unusual delicacies: rams' testicles, sheep's heads, and rotting shark.
Animals do not always have to be dead for these scavengers to feast on their decaying flesh.
It's no coincidence that these are all images of ingestion, of a feast that has gone far past the point of pleasure.
These arguments are a disprovable feast, of which only a taste can be given here.
In the ensuing decades, he's created a surreal feast of memorable cinematic images that carries through to his latest effort.
On the seafloor, scavenging crabs feast on leftovers.
For large parties willing to try it, there's a communal feast of seven preparations of beef.
Mom's busy at the stove whipping up a feast for her hungry little monsters.
They often take a month off to feast with their families and perform a series of rituals.
Permanently, the wild pigs that feast on the macadamias.
Once the beetles are a safe distance from the pile, they burrow into the ground and feast on their nugget for days.
Bedbugs, which feast on human blood at night, are biting back in developed countries around the world.
In this season dozens of bears may gather to feast on the fish, craving fats that will sustain them through the long winter ahead.
These rodents live a feast-or-famine lifestyle and gorge themselves all summer to build up plentiful reserves of fat.
They also feast on small creatures such as snails or mussels.
After the feast, the bones were stored for months in treasure houses.
Fish set out a feast of sushi and sashimi that was entirely vegetarian.
Today the billions of people the world over who seek that prize are encountering simultaneous feast and famine.
Few, however, expected the prosecutor to present such a feast of bad behaviour.
Thanksgiving has always been a feast day for the gods of paradox.

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