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It is entirely technologically feasible to get the first pictures of the surface of a planet around another star.
Ideological incoherence made bipartisanship feasible.
Find out which presidential birthplaces have museums and plan a visit to one if feasible.
For this to be feasible, the steam must be used as efficiently as possible.
Volcanologists and public officials agree that monitoring is important, but it's expensive and not feasible for many countries.
Use compact, subcompact, and/or hybrid technology vehicles when feasible.
Only the surging oil prices of the past decade have made the oil sands business feasible.
And if for mammoths, then probably also for other extinct animals, but none of this is feasible yet.
Raw diet is simply not feasible for that many dogs on the road that much.
And the mission that had originally seemed so preposterous had gradually come to seem feasible.
Such a system has political and symbolic merit, and seemed feasible at a time when violence was sporadic.
Newspapers honed their policies in the print age, when appending a correction was the best feasible option.
The current expansion of scientific inquiry into the deeper processes of human thought makes this venture feasible.
We're talking about millions of mortgages affected, so it's simply not feasible to endure those legal costs.
It's not feasible to raise rates on the top two percent until we're satisfied that our budget is healthy.
Bringing our deficits down to zero is neither desirable nor feasible.
It may not be feasible to make this extenuation a consistent one.
However, taps through the large switchboard at a newspaper or a government agency were not feasible, and were not installed.
The federal budget was nearly in balance, making ambitious projects feasible.
He understood the importance of intangible factors and readily grasped the limits of what was politically feasible.
Not perfect, but more feasible and effective than anything else now on the table.
First, develop a high-end, high-performance sports car to prove that electric vehicles were both cool and feasible.
But if the silicon byproduct can be sold or recycled efficiently, the new approach could be economically feasible.
The legacy of championship racers and show horses could conceivably live on forever if reproducible copies are indeed feasible.
The invention would certainly be feasible if the window did not require the special resonator, but it does.
The idea was to showcase economically feasible ways to reduce the energy use of existing buildings around the world.
The proposal was streamlined and is therefore more feasible.
But it is feasible that the improved performance could have come as a result of a shift in mood level.
Testing has indicated that a textile antenna is feasible.
Those who have might find this extermination approach,feasible and effective.
He adds that high-resolution microscopy is likely a more feasible application in the near term.
Most parents would prefer to have someone at home with their children, but often this is not financially feasible.
Thats not to say pumped storage is not at all feasible for storing this solar power.
And you've proven successful treatment can be feasible if the science is done right.
There probable will, until they get stuck also at the feasible level.
If the conditions are right, it is feasible to not be aware of a pregnancy.
If your adviser were an untenured newbie, changing might be feasible even a good idea.
To be successful, college and universities need an educational delivery system that is both scalable and financially feasible.
Well, they're far cheaper to produce than printed texts, making a bulk purchase more feasible.
After noticing a touch of skepticism surfacing about feasible results that can be generated from this pledge.
Kicking them out if no more feasible nor desirable than purging your body of white blood cells.
In fact, it's entirely feasible to get around here by bus.
Although none may prove feasible or desirable, they suggest that a dislodging event could in fact drive real reform.
It exists because the technology now makes feasible remote online communication.
There are plenty of anecdotal cases showing that this is possible and feasible.
They certainly know it isn't feasible to round up and deport all illegal aliens in this country.
However, the biggest obstacle to making cellulosic ethanol commercially feasible is the breakdown of cellulose.
But after several years, dry casks become a feasible storage option.
Most recently, a client commissioned the team to create a feasible design for an orbital facility.
Numerous challenges exist to making a feasible process of the biochemistry.
Now, technology developers are stepping up work in floating turbines to make such farms feasible.
Exotic energy storage methods will never be economically feasible on a large scale.
Capturing that information is feasible with existing technology.
But if voters could vote out the antinuclear legislators that could make it economically feasible.
As a result of the work in monkeys, some researchers say, cloned human embryonic stem cells seem more feasible.
It is a misleading concept because higher prices make it economically feasible to develop more expensive sources of energy.
Suddenly, drilling there looked more economically feasible.
The consequence of this, if feasible, is difficult to know.
Some experts doubt that mining rare earths from the ocean floor will be economically feasible.
It may soon be feasible to examine these ideas directly.
Whether this technological fantasy is feasible is an open question.
It's vastly more expensive and complicated than would be necessary to make frequent flights feasible.
Those researching this would almost certainly have been aware that they would be censored should this turn out to be feasible.
They presume to judge all societies by a common metric, when the reality is that that's not feasible.
Science would be a lot less compelling, but still feasible, if physics laws would be different between my fork and my pen.
The deep set eyes and heavy brows were often interpreted as an archaic feature, but it seems feasible they are adaptive.
They're not feasible if a few individuals are left alone in a new land.
Still, it's good to know the technology is feasible, should fresh food become unavailable.
Sub orbital flights are quite feasible, with current tech.
Some of these receiver sizes might even be feasible for our civilization in the distant future.
To make a difference now, they must be politically feasible.
It does, in short, precisely what a city bus is supposed to do-make it feasible for people to get around without a car.
Officials point out that opponents of the dams have failed to propose a feasible alternative.
The only feasible exit now, says a consultant, would be to sell or float the entire bank.
Although the idea may sound weird, the company insists that it is technically feasible.
Given the subsequent slowdown, the government's revenue aims seem aspirational rather than feasible.
The development of business accounting software programs has made the introduction of activity-based costing more feasible.
We have been working night and day exploring every feasible option to alleviate the situation.
Small stakes are both educational and more feasible politically.
There is a strong argument for taxing the two at the same rate, if only it were politically feasible.
Raising cash from their investments through initial public offerings is no longer a feasible exit route.
But nobody can think of a feasible alternative to demolition and re-housing.
The two-state solution is quite feasible, if both sides genuinely adopt it.
Few energy experts, speaking candidly, see such an enormous increase as feasible.
Labour rates must be at financially feasible levels.
Today it is both economically and logistically feasible to obtain input from a large number of people.
It is now widely accepted that averting serious climate change is technically feasible and economically affordable.
Since carrying a full tent isn't feasible, a space blanket can be used as a small, waterproof tarp in emergency situations.
The film literally stopped being feasible at that moment.
But getting the same benefits from your favorite cabernet might not be feasible.
But it's not nearly as sensible or feasible or affordable as decreasing electricity demand altogether.

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