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The childlike simplicity of medieval prose is sometimes a little hypocritical and fawning.
But they too have to change-to become critical friend rather than fawning supporter.
But far from basking in the warmth of the students' once fawning admiration, the kids put him on his heels.
One also fails to see what more can be done with fawning reviews.
It also boasts a robust user base, and no lack of tech press fawning.
The wooded coulees provide secluded white-tailed deer fawning areas and protection from winter winds.
The first is in the spring when deer move to their fawning areas.
White-tailed deer and moose graze in the meadow and utilize adjacent timbered edges for calving and fawning areas.
Mule deer and elk crucial fawning and calving areas would be closed seasonally.
The coincidence of fawning with the rainy season ensures an ample food supply for lactating females.
Further, mowing during the growing season not only destroys fawning and nesting cover but often destroys fawns and nests.
The property also provides fawning habitat for pronghorn.
Heavy livestock use has degraded many riparian areas, removing forage and fawning and thermal cover for deer.
The wooded coulees provide white-tailed deer with secluded fawning areas and protection from winter winds.
Does appear to be more reluctant to leave the regular feeding areas and remain close to home during the fawning season.
Typically, bajadas are used as fawning areas and sandy dune areas provide food seasonally.
Many of the forbs that grow in disturbed areas provide additional food and fawning areas for deer.
In the spring, each doe moves off by herself to select a fawning area.
Does also use the rearing and flailing behavior to drive away yearlings during the breeding season and fawning period.
In late spring, does may travel in search of fawning sites, although adult females move less than other deer.
Restrictions to seasonal movements and access to fawning grounds can dramatically reduce pronghorn populations.
Does break off from groups to search for fawning areas.
Early pregnancy was determined by ultrasound and later confirmed with fawning rates.
These efforts will be concentrated during and immediately prior to the fawning period.
Pronghorn exposed to over-flight situations have decreased feeding and can interfere with feeding and fawning.

Famous quotes containing the word fawning

Good-bye to flattery's fawning face, To grandeur, with his wise grimace, To upstart wealth's averted eye,... more
Why, what a candy deal of courtesy This fawning greyhound then did proffer me!... more
How like a fawning publican he looks!... more
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