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The flora and fauna of the land are enormously represented.
Most were inspired by the flora and fauna they had spent their lives surrounded by.
What they found was, if anything, even more shocking: gliding and flapping fauna appear to have no direct common ancestor.
The effects of the brine on the surrounding flora and fauna in the sea depend on the specific marine life in the disposal area.
Diabetics have a slightly sweeter skin, which changes the microbial fauna and makes it harder for them to cauterize wounds.
Instead of whales, maybe the endangered mega-fauna is us.
In a land where vegetation is already scarce, camels are competing with native fauna and livestock.
In other words, the panels can provide shade for flora and fauna.
Although they could not read or write, they knew the forest with its flora and fauna better than any foreigner.
Get up close and personal with migratory fauna of all shapes and sizes in this photo gallery.
Their fauna and flora are precious for their own sake but can also aid humans.
With such floral diversity, it follows that the fauna would also be extensive.
It's not that the oil industry has suddenly become softhearted toward flora and fauna.
Wildland fire in ecosystems: effects of fire on fauna.

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