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If any blame or fault attaches to the attempt it is mine alone.
That's why insurance agents recommend that you not accept fault or blame at the scene.
The area's fault zone has been active for thousands of years and is likely to remain so.
The earthquakes generally aren't as strong as those along other fault zones, but they're frequent, shallow and damaging.
Well, then maybe you could fault the museum for not being strict enough in their instruction.
Censoriousness, and finding fault with others, has a direct opposition to civility.
In the wall that parted the two houses there was a crack, caused by some fault in the structure.
The fault stresses start building until the critical point is reached again and another earthquake occurs.
But without fluency in both languages, it is impossible to tell whether the fault lies with the novelist or the translator.
It's so funny to me how it's never the fault of journalists when the general public has inaccurate beliefs.
The fault-a leaking oil pipe-was quickly diagnosed and remedies put in place.
Other evidence indicates this fault-prone system is actually gaining in importance.
Apparently it was all the fault of a crocodile, which had been brought on board in a bag.
In some cases it isn't their fault but the fault of the system.
The well-substantiated finding that adolescents go to bed later and later as they age is not the fault of advertising.
But it's not their fault that we've made access to info so easy and seamless.
Instead of being cautious to a fault, they are excessive risk-takers.
Typically there's the debate as to who's at fault-parents or teachers.
It is not surprising that even aspiring faculty find fault with the tenure system.
In fact, scientists did not even know there was a geologic fault there until it ruptured last year.
Typically the longer a fault, the more earthquake potential it carries.
The incongruity of a gas station being hailed as green is not strictly the fault of its architecture.
The disaster was not the fault of the models but of how they were used and by whom.
We shouldn't fault scientists for the hypocrisy of others, especially politicians.
Examining the geometry of fault zones offers clues to the level and the direction of the stress exerted on the rock.
As stress builds, the fault ruptures and the ground shakes.
It's not our fault, after all, that three major stars were born on this day.
Your column carelessly insinuates that the coaches whose players have died are at fault for those deaths.
What is unsettling about this geopolitical map is that the fault it traces could be threatening the stability of all great powers.
When they're broken it's not solely the fault of a drink or even five.
Those living with the disease may feel it's their fault if they can't always maintain the ideal blood sugar level.
In other words, maybe it's partly the fault of the press.
These maps are based on the behavior of the region's fault lines.
The sudden movement along the fault causes the ground to move forward and backward, heave up and down, or shift from side to side.
If there's one fault here, it's that snagging a reservation is already becoming a challenge.
The fault of the macroeconomics profession was not so much rational expectations, which is a convenient and useful device.
He knew it was partly his fault, being seven years older, with ambitions of his own.
The fault is not in the stars, but in the candidates themselves, if we're not given to see why a journey there would be seductive.
After that, things dragged slightly, which was no fault of the performers.
The company has a fault, which reviewers have been pointing out for years: the dancers have difficulty rising to heroic roles.
It is, in some ways, as vivid a demonstration as there is of shirking responsibility and fault-of being a weasel.
Someone once asked you what was the biggest fault you found with the new president.
And through no fault of your own, you've now lost everything: your job, your home-everything.
To his credit, he realized early on that it was no one's fault but his own.
Fault was found even in the smallest details of deference.
The fault lies not in our genes but in our whole selves.
But it would be foolish to fault the effort because of its inadequacies.
There is a still deeper fault line within medical practice.
To fault universities alone for that is, of course, to burden them with sins not of their making.
Most people will put up with any fault, if they know it's not catching.
It means that he refuses to allow theoretical and methodological grounds to the fault-finding he is forcing on the public.
See also the rise in harmonic tremors along the pacific subduction fault lines.
It turns out that the fault may lie in the stars themselves.
According to a growing number of neurobiologists, the fault lies not in our stomachs but in our heads.
The fault literally lies in the stars, and not ourselves.
And if there are too many to test, that's the fault of humans, not cats.
If you choose to modify your body and, later regret the decision, the fault is no one's but your own.
No matter whose fault it is, it's everybody's problem.
But this decline isn't the fault of the neurons themselves.
When the conductivity changes abruptly, the wires signal the fault and a controller can automatically shut down the laser.
It isn't entirely the executives' fault: sometimes they don't have enough information.
Correcting a fault and a quick fix or suppression arent exactly the same thing.
So the size of an earthquake depends on the history of the fault network.
Warner always has been courageous to a fault, and he's playing with one arm.
Each of those questions is a twig on a sprawling schematic known as a fault tree.
Click on an earthquake or fault for more information.
The fault scarp connects discrete zones of fault damage and establishes a continuously mappable fault trace.
If you live in a no-fault state, this section applies to you.

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