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He could not understand the temptation that had come to him nor could he fathom the reason for its coming.
Some outsiders might still believe they have savvy that even insiders can't fathom.
Besides, he couldn't fathom collecting money for something he viewed as unfinished work that required the contribution of others.
Its solvency rests on a relationship with its neighbour that is impossible to fathom.
Skeptics are often skeptics it seems because they cannot believe in things they cannot fathom.
The dream of being a writer and the price one has to pay for excellence are impossible to demonstrate or, really, even to fathom.
At times it seems she cannot quite fathom everything that has happened.
He can't fathom letting go of his power, and yet he dreams about their taking over one day.
What she cannot fathom is how those without her talent, energy, and drive can accept what they are and make the best of it.
But then it must surely count as a private reference, difficult for the uninitiated to fathom.
The ocean is a menagerie of plants and animals of a diversity we're only beginning to fathom.
He could not fathom anyone's resisting the call of the sea.
If you did, you wouldn't even fathom going through with this experiment that puts billions of lives in danger.
There is science in anything you wish to believe, but how can you fathom a universe that created itself.
Nine fathom deep he had followed us from the land of mist and snow.
The pool for my limbs to fathom, my soul's last school.
It was practical ends that impelled us, in these diseases, to fathom their origin and formation.
Our line is too short to fathom such immense abysses.
It is much easier to fathom the comic effect of caricature than that of simple imitation.

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