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Example sentences for fated

The researchers don't claim that impulsive children are fated to become impulsive adults.
Some are fast moving and aggressive, others are never fated to metastasize.
The gentleman with the same first name seems to be referring to the ill-fated website.
The troll squashes an ill-fated automobile in his left hand.
Once, his ill-fated barber managed to swim away and whisper something to the reeds before dying.
In the end, he seems trapped not so much in a fated existence as in a poorly organized biopic.
Moreover, it is absurd to print every book as if it were fated to last a hundred years.
These characters are ill-fated and filled with foreboding.
The question is why it staged the ill-fated raid in the first place.
Attempts to create synergies, mostly ill-fated so far, are no longer a priority.
Its economic ebullience before the recession seemed to disprove those who had long argued that it was fated to inevitable decline.
For years controversy reigned as to the location of the ill-fated ship.
For years, controversy reigned as to the location of the ill-fated ship.

Famous quotes containing the word fated

What one is fated to have in life one will have; what one is not fated to have, there is no po... more
Life and Death are fated; riches and honor lie with Heaven.... more
Since the last one in a graveyard is believed to be the next one fated to die, funerals often end in a mad ... more
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