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Our current economic discourse is pervaded by fatalism.
Fatalism only ensures that that tide does not turn sooner.
Italians of all ages feel a weary fatalism after a decade of almost no economic growth.
And from vulnerability there has emerged a tough fatalism.
It went to air with this sense of fatalism on the part of the network.
Proliferation fatalism and deterrence optimism reinforce each other in a disturbing way.
Reactions to these alarming reports have varied from fatalism to urgent concern.
They mourn the victims of rogue crocodile attacks with grim fatalism.
The sheer sensory exuberance of the film at once subverts the fatalism of its story and lends it whatever credibility it has.
Charities are striving to turn around such fatalism.
But commentators who spread fatalism are part of the problem.
Still, fatalism is only one piece of the puzzle here.
There are hints of the melancholy and fatalism that the composer seems to inspire in choreographers.
But beneath his worldly facade lurks a streak of romantic fatalism.
Call it, if the fatalism has become too much, inevitable.
To the detached observer the line between this cheerful fatalism and flirting with suicide seems imperceptible.
Our leaders-and would-be leaders-should repudiate this sort of fatalism.
Nothing enables the status quo to continue as well as fatalism.
Genetic fatalism about disease is a myth that needs to be exposed once and for all.
Must engender complete fatalism, and a truly awful opinion of the human race.
Fatalism is the belief that an individual has no control over events related to a cancer occurrence.

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