fastidious in a sentence

Example sentences for fastidious

Fastidious about facts and dates, he talks at great speed and with an unusual, exhausting intensity.
It was written to please its author's fastidious taste, not to chime with the humour of the age.
He was not a play-goer, being of such fastidious taste that he was easily disgusted by the bad filling up of the inferior parts.
Within the fastidious world of opera fans, one group deserves special mention.
At first sight this may appear to be unnecessarily fastidious.
First, it is so well written and meticulously researched that despite its fastidious attention to detail it is a pleasure to read.
Even at the less extreme camps, security procedures remain fastidious.
He, who had always been so fastidious in dress, no longer seemed to care.
Rabbits are fastidious animals and will frequently groom themselves.

Famous quotes containing the word fastidious

Flatter me, but delicately, please, for I am fastidious.... more
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